PosCxOpen function (poscx.h)

PosCxOpen is called to create an open PosCx library instance. This function initializes all resources it needs to manage a single open instance. It should be called from the driver's EVT_WDF_DEVICE_FILE_CREATE callback.


  [in] WDFDEVICE     device,
  [in] WDFFILEOBJECT fileObject,
  [in] ULONG         deviceInterfaceTag


[in] device

A handle to a framework device object that represents the device.

[in] fileObject

A handle to a framework file object that identifies the caller associated with the open instance.

[in] deviceInterfaceTag

An identifier used to specify the caller's device interface in a multi-function device. For a single-interface device, this value should be 0.

Return value

An appropriate NTSTATUS error code that indicates the open instance completion status.


Target Platform Windows
Header poscx.h (include Poscx.h)