USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx function (usbdlib.h)

The USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx routine allocates and formats a URB to select a configuration for a USB device.

USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx replaces USBD_CreateConfigurationRequest.


PURB USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx(
  [in] PUSB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR ConfigurationDescriptor,
  [in] PUSBD_INTERFACE_LIST_ENTRY    InterfaceList


[in] ConfigurationDescriptor

Pointer to a caller-allocated USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR structure that contains the configuration descriptor for the configuration to be selected. Typically, the client driver submits a URB of the type URB_FUNCTION_GET_DESCRIPTOR_FROM_DEVICE (see _URB_CONTROL_DESCRIPTOR_REQUEST) to retrieve information about configurations, interfaces, endpoints, the vendor, and class-specific descriptors from a USB device. When the client driver specifies USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR_TYPE as the descriptor type, the request retrieves all device information in a USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR structure. The driver then passes the received pointer to the USB_CONFIGURATION_DESCRIPTOR structure in the ConfigurationDescriptor parameter.

[in] InterfaceList

Pointer to the first element of a caller-allocated array of USBD_INTERFACE_LIST_ENTRY structures. The length of the array depends on the number of interfaces in the configuration descriptor. The number of elements in the array must be one more than the number of interfaces in the configuration. Initialize the array by calling RtlZeroMemory. The InterfaceDescriptor member of the last element in the array must be set to NULL.

Return value

USBD_CreateConfigurationRequestEx allocates a URB structure, formats it for the URB_FUNCTION_SELECT_CONFIGURATION request (select-configuration request), and returns a pointer to the URB. The client driver can then use the returned URB to send the select-configuration request to the host controller driver to set the configuration. You must free the URB when you have finished using it.


For information about how to build a select-configuration request and code example, see How to Select a Configuration for a USB Device.

The returned value is a pointer to the URB structure that you can use to submit a select-configuration request to the host controller driver to set the specified configuration.

After the USB driver stack completes the select-configuration request, you can inspect the USBD_INTERFACE_INFORMATION structures. The Pipes member of USBD_INTERFACE_INFORMATION points to an array of USBD_PIPE_INFORMATION structures. The USB bus driver fills the array of USBD_PIPE_INFORMATION structures with information about the pipes associated with the endpoints of the interface. The client driver can obtain pipe handles from the Pipes[i].PipeHandle and use them to send I/O requests to specific pipes.

After you have completed all operations with the returned URB, you must free the URB by calling ExFreePool.

You can allocate the configuration descriptor and the array from nonpaged or paged pool. Callers of this routine can run at IRQL <= DISPATCH_LEVEL if the memory pointed to by ConfigurationDescriptor and InterfaceList is allocated from nonpaged pool. Otherwise, callers must run at IRQL < DISPATCH_LEVEL.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Universal
Header usbdlib.h (include Usbdlib.h)
Library Usbd.lib

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