WdfDeviceWdmDispatchIrp function (wdfdevice.h)

[Applies to KMDF and UMDF]

The WdfDeviceWdmDispatchIrp method returns a dispatched IRP to the framework from EvtDeviceWdmIrpDispatch.


NTSTATUS WdfDeviceWdmDispatchIrp(
  [in] WDFDEVICE  Device,
  [in] PIRP       Irp,
  [in] WDFCONTEXT DispatchContext


[in] Device

A handle to a framework device object.

[in] Irp

A pointer to an IRP structure.

[in] DispatchContext

The dispatch context parameter the driver received in EvtDeviceWdmIrpDispatch callback.

Return value

The WdfDeviceWdmDispatchIrp method returns an NTSTATUS value that the framework or the driver provides as a result of processing the IRP. The driver must use this return value as the return value for the EvtDeviceWdmIrpDispatch callback function that called WdfDeviceWdmDispatchIrp.

A bug check occurs if a KMDF driver supplies an invalid object handle. If a UMDF driver supplies an invalid handle, the driver host process terminates.


If your driver provides an EvtDeviceWdmIrpDispatch callback function, you can call WdfDeviceWdmDispatchIrp from within the callback function to return the IRP to the framework for default processing instead of dispatching it to a specific queue.

For more information about specifying queues for IRPs as they arrive, see Dispatching IRPs to I/O Queues.


Target Platform Universal
Minimum KMDF version 1.11
Minimum UMDF version 2.17
Header wdfdevice.h (include Wdf.h)
Library Wdf01000.sys (KMDF); WUDFx02000.dll (UMDF)
DDI compliance rules DriverCreate(kmdf)

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