IoWMIQueryAllData function (wdm.h)

The IoWMIQueryAllData routine returns all WMI data blocks that implement a given WMI class.


  [in]            PVOID  DataBlockObject,
  [in, out]       PULONG InOutBufferSize,
  [out, optional] PVOID  OutBuffer


[in] DataBlockObject

Pointer to a WMI data block object. The caller opens the data block object for the WMI class with the IoWMIOpenBlock routine. The object must be opened with the WMIGUID_QUERY access right.

[in, out] InOutBufferSize

Pointer to a memory location that specifies the size of the buffer passed in the OutBuffer parameter. If the routine succeeds, it updates the memory location to specify the number of bytes actually stored in OutBuffer. If the routine fails with status code of STATUS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL, it returns the number of bytes required to return the data.

[out, optional] OutBuffer

Pointer to the buffer where the routine returns the WMI data. The routine returns a sequence of variable-sized WNODE_ALL_DATA structures, one for each set of returned data blocks. The WnodeHeader.Linkage member of each WNODE_ALL_DATA structure contains the offset from the beginning of the current WNODE_ALL_DATA to the beginning of the next WNODE_ALL_DATA. The final block in the chain has WnodeHeader.Linkage set to zero. OutBuffer must point to a buffer allocated from nonpaged pool.

Return value

The routine returns an NTSTATUS code. Possible return values include:

Return code Description
The operation succeeded. The routine returns the WMI data in the buffer pointed to by the OutBuffer parameter. The routine also returns the size, in bytes, of the returned data in the memory location pointed to by the InOutBufferSize parameter.
No drivers implement the specified WMI class.
The buffer passed by the caller in the OutBuffer parameter is too small. The routine returns the required buffer size in the memory location pointed to by the InOutBufferSize parameter.


IoWMIQueryAllData determines which drivers support the specified WMI class, and issues an IRP_MN_QUERY_ALL_DATA request to every such driver.

To query for multiple WMI classes, use IoWMIQueryAllDataMultiple.


Minimum supported client Available in Microsoft Windows XP and later versions of the Windows operating system.
Target Platform Universal
Header wdm.h (include Wdm.h, Ntddk.h, Ntifs.h)
Library NtosKrnl.lib
DLL NtosKrnl.exe

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