NtSetInformationTransactionManager function (wdm.h)

Do not call this routine from kernel-mode code.


__kernel_entry NTSYSCALLAPI NTSTATUS NtSetInformationTransactionManager(
  [in, optional] HANDLE                               TmHandle,
  [in]           TRANSACTIONMANAGER_INFORMATION_CLASS TransactionManagerInformationClass,
  [in]           PVOID                                TransactionManagerInformation,
  [in]           ULONG                                TransactionManagerInformationLength


[in, optional] TmHandle

[in] TransactionManagerInformationClass

[in] TransactionManagerInformation

[in] TransactionManagerInformationLength

Return value

See the ZwXxx equivalent.

Do not call this routine from kernel-mode code; instead, call the ZwXxx equivalent. User-mode code can call this routine or the ZwXxx equivalent. For further comments, if any, see the ZwXxx equivalent

The driver must check the return value of the function.


Requirement Value
Target Platform Windows
Header wdm.h

See also

See the ZwXxx equivalent.