CM_RESOURCE_LIST structure (wdm.h)

The CM_RESOURCE_LIST structure specifies all of the system hardware resources assigned to a device.


typedef struct _CM_RESOURCE_LIST {
  ULONG                       Count;



The number of full resource descriptors that are specified by this CM_RESOURCE_LIST structure. The List member is the header for the first full resource descriptor. For WDM drivers, Count is always 1.


The CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure that serves as the header for the first full resource descriptor. If the CM_RESOURCE_LIST structure contains more than one full resource descriptor, the second full resource descriptor immediately follows the first in memory, and so on. The size of each full resource descriptor depends on the length of the CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR array that it contains. For more information, see the following Remarks section.


This structure describes the assignment of hardware resources to a device. An IRP_MN_START_DEVICE IRP uses this structure to specify the resources that the Plug and Play manager assigns to a device. Drivers for legacy devices use this structure to pass their resource requirements to the IoReportResourceForDetection routine. For more information about hardware resource allocation, see Hardware Resources.

The CM_RESOURCE_LIST structure is a header for a larger data structure, of variable size, that contains one or more full resource descriptors. All of the data in this larger structure occupies a contiguous block of memory. Each full resource descriptor occupies a subblock within the larger block.

A full resource descriptor begins with a CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure, which serves as a header for an array of CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structures. The length of this array determines the size of the full resource descriptor. The last member in the CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure is a CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_LIST structure that contains, as its last member, the first element in this array. If the array contains more than one element, the remaining elements immediately follow, in memory, the end of the CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_LIST structure, which is also the end of the CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure.

Driver code can use pointer arithmetic to step from one full resource descriptor to the next. For example, if a parameter named list is a pointer to the CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR structure at the start of one full resource descriptor, list can be updated to point to the start of the next full resource descriptor as follows:

list = (PCM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR)(list->PartialResourceList.PartialDescriptors +

In this example, list->PartialResourceList.PartialDescriptors is a pointer to the start of the CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR array, and list->PartialResourceList.Count is the number of elements in the array. For more information about the PartialDescriptors and Count members, see CM_PARTIAL_RESOURCE_LIST.


All PnP drivers must handle IRP_MN_START_DEVICE IRPs. Typically, a driver's handler for this IRP walks the lists of assigned resources that are pointed to by the Parameters.StartDevice.AllocatedResources and Parameters.StartDevice.AllocatedResourcesTranslated members of the IO_STACK_LOCATION structure in the IRP. The following code example contains a function—named GetAssignedResources—that is called in the handler to walk each list. This function verifies that the required resources are specified in the list, and configures the device to use the resources.

The GetAssignedResources function returns TRUE if it succeeds. Otherwise, it returns FALSE (probably from the switch statement, although the details are omitted to simplify the code example).

/* Process the assigned hardware resources. */

BOOLEAN GetAssignedResources(PCM_RESOURCE_LIST reslist)

    list = reslist->List;

    for (int ix = 0; ix < reslist->Count; ++ix)
        /* Process resources in CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR block number ix. */

        for (int jx = 0; jx < list->PartialResourceList.Count; ++jx)

            desc = list->PartialResourceList.PartialDescriptors + jx;

            switch (desc->Type)
                /* Process element jx in PartialDescriptors array. */



        /* Advance to next CM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR block in memory. */

        list = (PCM_FULL_RESOURCE_DESCRIPTOR)(list->PartialResourceList.PartialDescriptors + 

    return TRUE;


Requirement Value
Header wdm.h (include Wdm.h, Ntddk.h, Ntifs.h, Wudfwdm.h)

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