.scriptunload (Unload Script)

The .scriptunload command unloads the specified script.

.scriptunload ScriptFile


Specifies the name of the script file to unload. ScriptFile should include the .js file name extension. Absolute or relative paths can be used. Relative paths are relative to the directory that you started the debugger in. File paths containing spaces are not supported.



user mode, kernel mode


live, crash dump



Additional Information

The .scriptunload command unloads a loaded script. Use the following command syntax to unload a script

0:000:x86> .scriptunload C:\WinDbg\Scripts\TestScript.js
JavaScript script unloaded from 'C:\WinDbg\Scripts\TestScript.js'

If there are outstanding references to objects in a script, the contents of the script will be unlinked but the script may remain in memory until all such references are released.

For more information about working with JavaScript, see JavaScript Debugger Scripting. For more information about the debugger objects, see Native Objects in JavaScript Extensions.


Before using any of the .script commands, a scripting provider needs to be loaded. Use the .load (Load Extension DLL) command to load the JavaScript provider dll.

0:000> .load C:\ScriptProviders\jsprovider.dll

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