The DRIVER_VIOLATION bug check has a value of 0x00000121. This bug check indicates that a driver has caused a violation.


This article is for programmers. If you're a customer who has received a blue screen error code while using your computer, see Troubleshoot blue screen errors.


Parameter 1 indicates the type of violation.

Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4 Cause
0x1 The current IRQL. The required IRQL. Reserved A driver has called a function which can only be called at a specific IRQL.
0x2 The current IRQL. The maximum allowable IRQL. Reserved A driver has called a function at a greater IRQL than the function can be called at.


Use a kernel debugger and view the call stack to determine the name of the driver that caused the violation: the !analyze debug extension displays information about the bug check and can be helpful in determining the root cause, then enter one of the k (Display Stack Backtrace) commands to view the call stack.