The CLUSTER_CSVFS_LIVEDUMP live dump has a value of 0x00000188. This indicates that CSVFS initiated this livedump to help debug an inconsistent state.

(This code can never be used for a real bug check; it is used to identify live dumps.)


Parameter Description

Reason Code

0x1 : Cache purge on oplock downgrade to none has failed

2- address of CSVFS!_SCB

0x2 : Cache purge on oplock upgrade from none has failed

2- address of CSVFS!_SCB

0x3 : Cache purge on set purge failure mode

2- address of CSVFS!_SCB

0x4 : Cache flush on oplock downgrade to none failed

2- address of CSVFS!_SCB

2 See parameter 1
3 Reserved
4 Reserved


First parameter contains the reason code When CSVFS detects that current state might cause data corruption or other sort of inconsistency it would generate live dump with this status code. Parameter1 has code pointing to what scenario this live dump is created for. Other parameters should be interpreted in context of the reason code.

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