Forcing a System Crash

Once kernel-mode dump files have been enabled, most system crashes should cause a crash file to be written and the blue screen to be displayed.

However, there are times that a system freezes without actually initiating a kernel crash. Possible symptoms of such a freeze include:

  • The mouse pointer moves, but can't do anything.

  • All video is frozen, the mouse pointer does not move, but paging continues.

  • There is no response at all to the mouse or keyboard, and no use of the disk.

If an experienced debugging technician is present, they can attach a kernel debugger and analyze the problem. For some tips on what to look for when this situation occurs, see Debugging a Stalled System.

However, if no technician is present, you may wish to create a kernel-mode dump file and send it to an off-site technician. This dump file can be used to analyze the cause of the error.

There are three ways to deliberately cause a system crash:

Forcing a System Crash from the Debugger

Forcing a System Crash from the Keyboard

Forcing a System Crash with the Power Button