Syntax Rules

This section describes the syntax rules that you must follow to use debugger commands.

When you are debugging, you should obey the following general syntax rules:

  • You can use any combination of uppercase and lowercase letters in commands and arguments, except when specifically noted in the topics in this section.

  • You can separate multiple command parameters by one or more spaces or by a comma (,).

  • You can typically omit the space between a command and its first parameter . You can frequently omit other spaces if this omission does not cause any ambiguity.

The command reference topics in this section use the following items:

  • Characters in bold font style indicate items that you must literally type.

  • Characters in italic font style indicate parameters that are explained in the "Parameters" section of the reference topic.

  • Parameters in brackets ([xxx]) are optional. Brackets with a vertical bar ([xxx|yyy]) indicate that you can use one, or none, of the enclosed parameters.

  • Braces with vertical bars ({xxx|yyy}) indicate that you must use exactly one of the enclosed parameters .

The following topics describe the syntax that the following parameter types use:

Numerical Expression Syntax

String Wildcard Syntax

Register Syntax

Pseudo-Register Syntax

Source Line Syntax

Address and Address Range Syntax

Thread Syntax

Process Syntax

System Syntax

Multiprocessor Syntax

Syntax also plays an important role in using symbols. For further details, see Symbol Syntax and Symbol Matching.