.ecxr (Display Exception Context Record)

The .ecxr command displays the context record that is associated with the current exception.



Item Description
Modes User mode
Targets Crash dump only (minidumps only)
Platforms All

Additional Information

For more information about the register context and other context settings, see Changing Contexts.


The .ecxr command locates the current exception's context information and displays the important registers for the specified context record.

This command also instructs the debugger to use the context record that is associated with the current exception as the register context. After you run .ecxr, the debugger can access the most important registers and the stack trace for this thread. This register context persists until you enable the target to execute, change the current process or thread, or use another register context command (.cxr or .ecxr). For more information about register contexts, see Register Context.

The .excr command is a synonym command and has identical functionality.

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