.enable_long_status (Enable Long Integer Display)

The .enable_long_status command specifies whether the debugger displays long integers in decimal format or in the default radix.

.enable_long_status 0 
.enable_long_status 1


Displays all long integers in decimal format. This is the default behavior of the debugger.

Displays all long integers in the default radix.


Item Description
Modes User mode, kernel mode
Targets Live, crash dump
Platforms All


The .enable_long_status command affects the output of the dt (Display Type) command.

In WinDbg, .enable_long_status also affects the display in the Locals window and the

Watch window. These windows are automatically updated after you issue .enable_long_status.

This command affects only the display of long integers. To control whether standard integers are displayed in decimal format or the default radix, use the .force_radix_output (Use Radix for Integers) command.

Note   The dv (Display Local Variables) command always displays long integers in the current number base.

To change the default radix, use the n (Set Number Base) command.