!locks (!ntsdexts.locks)

The !locks extension in Ntsdexts.dll displays a list of critical sections associated with the current process.

This extension command should not be confused with the !kdext*.locks extension command.

    !locks [Options] 



Specifies the amount of information to be displayed. Any combination of the following options can be used:

Causes the display to include all critical sections, even those that are not currently owned.

Causes the display to only include orphaned information (pointers that do not actually point to valid critical sections).



Additional Information

For other commands and extensions that can display critical section information, see Displaying a Critical Section. For information about critical sections, see the Microsoft Windows SDK documentation and Microsoft Windows Internals by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon.


This extension command shows all critical sections that have been initialized by calling RtlInitializeCriticalSection. If there are no critical sections, then no output will result.

Here is an example:

0:000> !locks

CritSec w3svc!g_pWamDictator+a0 at 68C2C298
LockCount          0
RecursionCount     1
OwningThread       d1
EntryCount         1
ContentionCount    0
*** Locked

CritSec SMTPSVC+66a30 at 67906A30
LockCount          0
RecursionCount     1
OwningThread       d0
EntryCount         1
ContentionCount    0
*** Locked

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