The !stacks extension displays information about the kernel stacks.


!stacks [Detail [FilterString]] 


Specifies the level of detail to use in the display. The following table lists the valid values for Detail.


Displays a summary of the current kernel stacks. This is the default value.


Displays stacks that are currently paged out, as well as the current kernel stacks.


Displays the full parameters for all stacks, as well as stacks that are currently paged out and the current kernel stacks.

Displays only threads that contain the specified substring in a symbol.



Additional Information

For information about kernel stacks, see Microsoft Windows Internals, by Mark Russinovich and David Solomon.


The !stacks extension gives a brief summary of the state of every thread. You can use this extension instead of the !process extension to get a quick overview of the system, especially when debugging multithread issues such as resource conflicts or deadlocks.

The !findstack user-mode extension also displays information about particular stacks.

Here is an example of the simplest !stacks display:

kd> !stacks 0
Proc.Thread  .Thread  ThreadState  Blocker
   4.000050  827eea10  Blocked    +0xfe0343a5


  b0.0000a8  82723b70  Blocked    ntoskrnl!_KiSystemService+0xc4
  b0.0000c8  82719620  Blocked    ntoskrnl!_KiSystemService+0xc4
  b0.0000d0  827d5d50  Blocked    ntoskrnl!_KiSystemService+0xc4

The first column shows the process ID and the thread ID (separated by a period).

The second column is the current address of the thread's ETHREAD block.

The third column shows the state of the thread (initialized, ready, running, standby, terminated, transition, or blocked).

The fourth column shows the top address on the thread's stack.

Here are examples of more detailed !stacks output:

kd> !stacks 1
Proc.Thread  .Thread  ThreadState  Blocker
   4.000008  827d0030  Blocked    ntoskrnl!MmZeroPageThread+0x66
   4.000010  827d0430  Blocked    ntoskrnl!ExpWorkerThread+0x189
   4.000014  827cf030  Blocked    Stack paged out
   4.000018  827cfda0  Blocked    Stack paged out
   4.00001c  827cfb10  Blocked    ntoskrnl!ExpWorkerThread+0x189
  9c.000098  82738310  Blocked    Stack paged out
  9c.0000a0  826a5190  Blocked    Stack paged out
  9c.0000a4  82739d30  Blocked    Stack paged out

  b0.0000bc  826d0030  Blocked    Stack paged out
  b0.0000b4  826c9030  Blocked    Stack paged out
  b0.0000a8  82723b70  Blocked    ntoskrnl!_KiSystemService+0xc4

kd> !stacks 2
Proc.Thread  .Thread  ThreadState  Blocker
   4.000008  827d0030  Blocked    ntoskrnl!KiSwapThread+0xc5
   4.000010  827d0430  Blocked    ntoskrnl!KiSwapThread+0xc5