ZwRegistryCreate rule (storport)

This rule verifies that the handle to a registry key created with ZwCreateKey is subsequently used correctly by other ZwXxx routines. The ZwOpenKey routine must not be called on an already open handle. The routines ZwEnumerateKey, ZwEnumerateValueKey, ZwFlushKey, ZwQueryKey, ZwQueryValueKey, ZwSetValueKey, ZwClose, and ZwDeleteKey must not be called on a handle that isn't open. The handle must also be closed before returning.

Driver model: Storport

How to test

At compile time

Run Static Driver Verifier and specify the ZwRegistryCreate rule.

Use the following steps to run an analysis of your code:
  1. Prepare your code (use role type declarations).
  2. Run Static Driver Verifier.
  3. View and analyze the results.

For more information, see Using Static Driver Verifier to Find Defects in Drivers.

Applies to

ZwClose ZwCreateKey ZwDeleteKey ZwEnumerateKey ZwEnumerateValueKey ZwFlushKey ZwOpenKey ZwQueryKey ZwQueryValueKey ZwSetValueKey