GDI Support Services

GDI exports many service routines that can simplify driver design. The driver can call these routines directly. The names of routines that are general graphics engine services whose names begin with Eng. Service routines related to a particular object always start with the name of the object; for example, CLIPOBJ_cEnumStart is a CLIPOBJ service.

Note   The service routines in which the first argument is a pointer to a user object are methods on that user object, and are called using the usual C++ conventions. Therefore, drivers written in C++ can access the service routines as methods.

These service routines fall into the following categories:

Surface management

Palette services

Path services

Window services

Rendering services

Font and text services

Memory services

Event services

File, Module, and Process services

Semaphore services

Printer services

Driver-related services

Information services

Utility services

Floating-point services

Halftone services

Using the Graphics DDI describes the graphics DDI entry points and also explains where many of these service routines can be used to help the driver implement the entry points.