Vetoing a bind link


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Starting in Windows 11, version 24H2, bind links can be used to bind a file system namespace to a local "virtual path" through the Bind Filter (bindflt.sys).

Minifilters can choose to veto a bind link that changes directories they care about. For example, an antivirus filter can veto the bind link of a folder that stores its definition files.

Minifilters can veto a bind link only on the system's boot partition (DO_SYSTEM_BOOT_PARTITION). It's not possible to veto a bind link on any other partitions.

In response to a CreateBindLink request, BindFlt sends IRP_MJ_QUERY_OPEN with the following parameters:

Since BindFlt is sending the IRP, a filter must sit below BindFlt in order to veto a bind link. Such a minifilter can watch for this IRP and veto the bind link by setting the ShouldVetoBinding member of the VETO_BINDING_ECP_CONTEXT structure to TRUE. In this event, BindFlt vetoes the bind link and returns an error to the caller.