The DEVPKEY_DrvPkg_VendorWebSite device property represents a vendor URL for a device instance.

Attribute Value
Property key DEVPKEY_DrvPkg_VendorWebSite
Property-data-type identifier DEVPROP_TYPE_STRING
Property access Read-only access by installation applications and installers
Localized? Yes


The URL can be a link to the root of the vendor website, a webpage within a website, or a redirection page. The URL can also contain parameters, for example, the following URL contains a prod parameter that supplies the product identifier "DSC530" and a rev parameter that supplies the number "34":

You can set the value of DEVPKEY_DrvPkg_VendorWebSite by an INF AddProperty directive that is included in the INF DDInstall section of the INF file that installs the device. You can retrieve the value of DEVPKEY_DrvPkg_VendorWebSite by calling SetupDiGetDeviceProperty.

The following is an example of how to use an INF AddProperty directive to set the DEVPKEY_DrvPkg_VendorWebSite property value for a device that is installed by an INF DDInstall section "SampleDDInstallSection":




Version: Windows Vista and later versions of Windows

Header: Devpkey.h (include Devpkey.h)

See also

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