Implementing WMI

This section describes kernel-mode Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) extensions to WDM. When you add these extensions to your kernel-mode driver, your driver becomes a WMI provider. A WMI provider makes measurement and instrumentation data available to WMI consumers, such as user-mode applications.

For more information about the user-mode WMI API, refer to Windows Management Instrumentation in the Windows SDK.

If you are implementing a KMDF-based driver, refer to Supporting WMI in Framework-Based Drivers.

This section includes the following information about kernel-mode WMI:

Introduction to WMI

WMI Architecture

WMI Requirements for WDM Drivers

MOF Syntax for WMI Data and Event Blocks

Designing WMI Data and Event Blocks

Publishing a WMI Schema

Registering as a WMI Data Provider

Handling WMI Requests

Sending WMI Events

WMI Property Sheets

Using wmimofck.exe

WMI Event Tracing

Testing and Troubleshooting WMI Driver Support