MBIMEx 3.0 – 5G SA Phase 1 support

Starting with Windows 11, Windows OS supports the first phase of features for 5G systems with the next generation core network. These 5G systems are commonly referred to as 5G SA networks. They contain the new 5G Core Network (5GC) and are independent of Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) as used in 5G NSA networks and 4G networks.

The first phase of features for 5G SA enables MBB functionality parity for Windows MBIM MBB devices on 5G SA networks compared to 5G NSA. These features include registration with 5GC and basic PDU sessions on default eMBB network slice. Note that this phase does not support more advanced 5G SA features such as multiple concurrent network slices and URSP rules.

A new MBIM Extensions Release number 3.0 introduces changes in the MBIM interface to support the first phase of features for 5G SA. This Extensions Release number is commonly referred to as MBIMEx 3.0. Download the MBIMEx 3.0 specification here.

An errata for MBIMEx 3.0 introduced in May 2022 updates and clarifies certain aspects of the original MBIMEx 3.0 specification published in April 2020. Download the MBIMEx 3.0 errata here. The errata is in section 7.1 “Errata for MBIMEx 3.0”.