Using NDIS 6.30 Data Structures

NDIS can support multiple versions of the same data structure. For the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems, miniport drivers that use an NDIS 6.30 version of a structure must initialize the Header member of the structure with the correct version and size values. The Header member is an NDIS_OBJECT_HEADER structure, and the driver must initialize the Revision member and Size member value of the Header member to the NDIS 6.30 version and size values.

Note  To determine the correct version and size information see the reference pages for each structure that includes a Header member. The reference pages for structures that contain a Header member and that were updated for NDIS 6.30 include new information for NDIS 6.30 drivers. If there is no update to the structure for NDIS 6.30, the information that is provided for earlier versions of NDIS also applies to NDIS 6.30 drivers.

The following structures were updated for NDIS 6.30: