About Storage Drivers

This section of the Storage Driver Design Guide contains the following information:

Storage Driver Architecture

Storage Drivers and Device Objects

System Header Files for Storage Drivers

Restrictions on Pageable Code in Storage Drivers

Querying for the Write Cache Property

Device Unique Identifiers for Storage Devices (DUIDs)

General Storage I/O Control Codes

Subsequent sections contain guidelines for designing the following kinds of Windows kernel-mode storage drivers:

  • An operating system-independent miniport driver for a vendor-specific SCSI HBA (see SCSI Miniport Drivers)

  • A miniport driver for a non-SCSI storage adapter (see SCSI Miniport Drivers)

  • A class driver for a new type of peripheral device (see Storage Class Drivers)

  • An operating system-independent tape miniclass driver for a vendor-specific tape device (see Tape Drivers)

  • A changer miniclass driver for a vendor-specific medium changer device (see Changer Drivers)

  • A filter driver for a peripheral device of a type that already has a class driver (see Storage Filter Drivers)