Framework DMA Objects

[Applies to KMDF only]

To handle bus-master and system-mode DMA operations in a framework-based driver, the framework provides three objects:

DMA enabler object
The framework's DMA enabler object enables a driver to use the framework's DMA support for a particular device. The driver must create a DMA enabler object for each of its devices that supports DMA operations.

DMA transaction object
The framework's DMA transaction object represents a single DMA I/O operation. A framework-based driver typically creates a DMA transaction object for each I/O request that it receives, if the device uses DMA to perform the requested operation.

Common buffer object
The framework's common buffer object represents an area of computer memory that is mapped for simultaneous access by both the driver and a device. Some drivers use common buffers when they set up I/O operations for DMA devices.

For information about the interfaces that these objects export, see:

Framework DMA Object Reference

Framework Common Buffer Object Reference