Use DISM in Windows PowerShell

The Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM) cmdlets can be used to perform the same functions as the DISM.exe command-line tool. In many cases, the DISM cmdlet names are similar to their corresponding Dism.exe options and the same arguments can be used. See DISM PowerShell for detailed information about the PowerShell cmdlets.

DISM command to DISM cmdlet mapping table

DISM cmdlet names don't always correspond directly to Dism.exe options. Here is a table that maps DISM commands to their corresponding PowerShell cmdlets.

Dism.exe command DISM cmdlet
Dism.exe /Add-Capability Add-WindowsCapability
Dism.exe /Append-Image Add-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Apply-Image Expand-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Capture-Image New-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Cleanup-MountPoints Clear-WindowsCorruptMountPoint
Dism.exe /Commit-Image Save-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Export-Image Export-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Get-Capabilities Get-WindowsCapability
Dism.exe /Get-ImageInfo Get-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Get-MountedImageInfo Get-WindowsImage -Mounted
Dism.exe /Get-WimBootEntry Get-WIMBootEntry
Dism.exe /List-Image Get-WindowsImageContent
Dism.exe /Mount-Image Mount-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Split-Image Split-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Remove-Capability Remove-WindowsCapability
Dism.exe /Remove-Image Remove-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Remount-Image Mount-WindowsImage -Remount
Dism.exe /Unmount-Image Dismount-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Update-WimBootEntry Update-WIMBootEntry
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Add-Driver Add-WindowsDriver
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Add-Package Add-WindowsPackage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage Add-AppxProvisionedPackage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth Repair-WindowsImage -CheckHealth
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth Repair-WindowsImage -ScanHealth
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth Repair-WindowsImage -RestoreHealth
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Disable-Feature Disable-WindowsOptionalFeature
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Enable-Feature Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Export-Driver Export-WindowsDriver
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-CurrentEdition Get-WindowsEdition -Current
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-Driverinfo Get-WindowsDriver -Driver
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-Drivers Get-WindowsDriver
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-Featureinfo Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -FeatureName
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-Features Get-WindowsOptionalFeature
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-Packageinfo Get-WindowsPackage -PackagePath
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-Packages Get-WindowsPackage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-ProvisionedAppxPackages Get-AppxProvisionedPackage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-ReservedStorageState Get-WindowsReservedStorageState
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Get-TargetEditions Get-WindowsEdition -Target
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Optimize-Image Optimize-WindowsImage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Remove-Driver Remove-WindowsDriver
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Remove-Package Remove-WindowsPackage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Remove-ProvisionedAppxPackage Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Set-Edition Set-WindowsEdition
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Set-ProductKey Set-WindowsProductKey
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Set-ProvisionedAppxDataFile Set-AppXProvisionedDataFile
Dism.exe /Image:<...> /Set-ReservedStorageState Set-WindowsReservedStorageState

Use DISM Powershell modules in WinPE

You can add Powershell support to WinPE. Visit Adding PowerShell support to Windows PE to learn how.

Use DISM PowerShell modules in previous versions of Windows

The DISM PowerShell module is included in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. On other supported operating systems, you can install the Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) which includes the DISM PowerShell module. See the previous version of this topic for more information.

DISM - Deployment Image Servicing and Management Technical Reference for Windows

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