Validation OS feature packages reference

You can add feature packages to add functionality to Validation OS.

Where to get Validation OS Optional Components

Validation OS features packages are are .cab packages that can be added to an offline Validation OS .wim image. The feature package .cab files to enable these features are available on the Validation OS ISO in the <Root>\cabs folder:

  • Each optional component has a language-neutral and language-specific version of the cab. Both versions need to be added to an image.
  • Validation OS support WOW. If any of your applications rely on x86 binaries make sure to also add the WOW64 package.

How to add Optional Components

You can add packages to it with DISM /add-package. To learn more about using DISM to add packages to a Windows image, see Add or remove packages offline using DISM:

  • Optional components can only be added to an offline image
  • Both the lanugauge-neutral and language-specific .cabs have to be added to an image

Validation OS Optional Components

Optional component Package name Description
PowerShell Allows you to run PowerShell scripts, includes basic modules
Basic connectivity Enables support for some connectivity features such as HID, USB and Serial
Disk tools
Includes diskpart.exe tool
GDI Plus
Add GDI plus support
.NET Framework 4.5
Enables basic .NET features
Plug and Play
Add additional Plug and Play features
Windows Device Portal
Enables WDP server, where user can access the device portal from a client machine
Other drivers
Additional drivers available when needed