Service Windows 10 IoT Core


Use the topics in this section to learn more about servicing a device running Windows 10 IoT Core (IoT Core).

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Topic Description
IoT Core OS Updates IoT Core devices can receive OS updates via Windows Update when connected to the internet.
Manage IoT Core device updates OEM and enterprise customers can take advantage of device management configuration service providers (CSPs) to control the device update process.
IoT Core App Updates OEM and enterprise customers can use Microsoft Store to deliver app updates for IoT Core devices.
Device Update Center Windows 10 IoT Device Update Center enables an OEM to publish OEM Custom packages (OCP) to Windows Update and manage the deployment of OS/OCP updates using flight rings. This service is currently in Public Preview. See Windows 10 IoT Core Services for more information.
Reset IoT Core devices can be reset to pristine state using Reset functionality.
Recovery Device recovery is a process to recover inoperable devices due to incorrect or bad storage state.