Step 8: Create a submission package


  We highly encourage you to include driver symbols as part of package creation. Including symbols enables Microsoft to triage and root cause issues related to your driver.

After the device passes all of the necessary tests, you can create a submission package (.hlkx file) for submission.

Windows HLK Studio supports package creation, so you don't need to use a separate submission tool. It supports adding resource files (drivers, symbols, errata) necessary to complete certification. You can also merge multiple packages (.hlkx files) into one single package.

Create a submission package

  1. Select the Package tab.

    Screenshot of the Package tab.

  2. To submit a special driver for a device (optional):

    1. Select Add Driver Folder > Browse to select the folder, and then select OK.

      Screenshot of the Add Driver Folder button.

    2. In the Driver Properties dialog box, select the appropriate Products and Locales, and then click OK.

      Screenshot of the the driver properties dialogue.


      • Hardware Dev Center uses Locales to build the correct OS Language targeting for Windows Update. If you plan on publishing your driver to Windows Update, be sure to select all the languages you want it delivered to.
      • The default locale is English only. If you want to add another locale, you must add it now. After the driver package is created, you cannot change the locales.
  3. To add symbols (optional), right-click the driver folder, select Add Symbols > Browse to select the folder, and then select OK.

    Screenshot of the the add symbols menu option.

  4. To add a supplemental folder (optional), such as a Readme file, contingency message, errata, or manual filter, select Add Supplemental Folder > Browse to select the folder, and then select OK.

    Screenshot of the the add supplemental folder button.

  5. Select Create Package.

    Screenshot of the Package tab with the Create Package button selected.

  6. From the Signing Options dialog box, select one of the following options:


     All submissions must be digitally signed. Starting with Windows 10, you must also include an EV (extended validation) code signing certificate.

    • Do not sign to create an unsigned package, for example, to send to Support for debugging or to later merge with other packages into a single submission package.

    • Use the certificate store to create a digitally signed package--the most common scenario. This option requires an X509 certificate--for example a VeriSign certificate-- to be installed on the computer running Windows HLK Studio. From the Windows Security dialog box, select the appropriate code signing certificate.

    • Use a certificate file to create a digitally signed package by using a portable security file. This option asks you for an X509 certificate file (.cer file).

      Screenshot of the Signing Options dialogue.

  7. Select OK. If your submission is a success, a green check will be displayed in the Signability column of the drivers folder:

    Screenshot of the drivers folder submission with a green check in the signability column.

  8. (Optional) You can choose to merge all your HLK test results into a single submission. For information on how to merge your HLK test results, see Merge packages.

  9. To submit the signed HLK package, sign into the Hardware Dashboard and follow the instructions in Create a new hardware submission.

Next Steps

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