Modern Standby Wake on Voice Basic Test on DC-power Source

Wake on Voice (Keyword) Basic Test implements two test cases: - one test case exercises the DC-power source - the other test case exercises the AC-power source. Software-simulated battery is used to change power sources. The test causes the system to enter and exit Modern Standby. Some system measurements are also taken to validation during the tests such as Modern Standby support, Software and Hardware DRIPS (Deepest Runtime Idle Power State), lower Divergence Delta between the Software DRIPS and the hardware DRIPS, Hardware Keyword spotting support, reasonable Modern Standby Exit Latency. NOTE: On Modern Standby system where the storage device containing the boot volume is not backed by a physical disk of Solid State Disk (SSD) media type or Storage Class Memory (SCM) media type, the Modern Standby Exit Latency is reported but the constraints on the measured latency value will not be enforced by this Modern Standby Basic Requirement Test.In the case where the storage device/solution reports a seek penalty or a rotational delay (thus indicating rotating media), the Modern Standby system will operate in a default Disconnected Mode.

Test details

  • Device.Audio.Base.Discretional
  • Windows 10, client editions (x86)
  • Windows 10, client editions (x64)
  • Windows 10, client editions (Arm64)
  • Windows 10, mobile edition (Arm)
  • Windows 10, mobile edition (Arm64)
Supported Releases
  • Windows 10, version 1809
  • Windows 10, version 1903
  • Next update to Windows 10
Expected run time (in minutes) 30
Category Development
Timeout (in minutes) 60
Requires reboot false
Requires special configuration false
Type manual

More Information


Parameter Name Parameter Description
TestCycles Number of test cycles
DelayBetweenCycles Delay time in milliseconds between each test cycle
DelayAfterPowerSourceChange Delay time in milliseconds after each power source change
ModernStandbyDuration Modern Standby duration in milliseconds
ModernStandbyExitLatencyThreshold Modern Standby Exit Latency threshold in milliseconds.
ModernStandbySDripsThreshold The Modern Standby Software DRIPS threshold time in [%].
ModernStandbyHDripsSDripsDelta The acceptable divergence delta of percentage [%] between the Software DRIPS measured in [%] and the Hardware DRIPS measured in [%].
ModernStandbyDisconnectedModeFlag An optional Disconnected Mode test flag.
TestTimeoutValue Timeout value for the execution of te.exe
OptTeCmdlineParams Optional command-line parameters for te.exe

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For generic troubleshooting of HLK test failures, see Troubleshooting Windows HLK Test Failures.