LoadGen Server Stress - Run Last - Reset Machine Policies

This automated test resets the machine policies that are used by the test on the test computers in the machine pool.


   This test should be run after all other tests are finished.


This test job completes the following actions:

  1. RunJob - ReSet the policies on SUT

  2. Reset AutoLogon on SUT

  3. Reboot SUT

  4. Reset AutoLogon on MC

  5. RunJob - ReSet the policies on MC

  6. Reboot MC

  7. Remove stressclients dimension on MC

Test details

  • System.Server.SystemStress.ServerStress
  • System.Server.FaultTolerant.Core
  • System.Server.SVVP.SVVP
  • Windows Server 2016 (x64)
Supported Releases
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 10, version 1511
  • Windows 10, version 1607
  • Windows 10, version 1703
  • Windows 10, version 1709
  • Windows 10, version 1803
  • Windows 10, version 1809
  • Windows 10, version 1903
  • Next update to Windows 10
Expected run time (in minutes) 30
Category Scenario
Timeout (in minutes) 1800
Requires reboot false
Requires special configuration false
Type automatic


Additional documentation

Tests in this feature area might have additional documentation, including prerequisites, setup, and troubleshooting information, that can be found in the following topic(s):

Running the test

Before you run the test, complete the test setup as described in the test requirements: System Server Testing Prerequisites and Test Server Configuration. This test should be run after all other tests are finished.

  1. Navigate to the Tests tab
  2. Select LoadGen Server Stress - Run Last - Reset Machine Policies
  3. Click the Run Selected link
  4. In the Schedule dialog, map machines to roles
    • Use the Role dropdown to select machines for the MC and SC roles (SUT will be prepopulated)
  5. Click OK to schedule the test


For generic troubleshooting of HLK test failures, see Troubleshooting Windows HLK Test Failures.

For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting System Server Testing.