HLK Studio

The Windows Hardware Lab Kit (HLK) Studio is a test management console that allows you to organize tests into projects, view features and tests associated with a device, run selected tests, and create a submission package.

The following image shows an example Windows HLK Studio screen:

hlk studio layout screenshot

  • Tab Layout - The individual tabs along the top of the screen represent the flow of certification testing. You must create a project, make a selection, select a test, review results, and then create a package to complete the process.

  • Project Details - The right-pane displays project status and hardware details. As you test your device, you can monitor the test results. The Product Types field is an important field to review before testing. This value shows the devices that the kit detects and what tests the device can run. If the product type you want to qualify for does not appear, you must investigate whether the device is properly developed, or you might have to manually configure your product type. For more information, see Manually add features.

  • Main Detailed View - Displays detailed information for the respective tabs. In this area, you can right-click on an entry to see more options. You can click the F1 key to view context-sensitive help.

Features and Limitations

  • Windows HLK does not support the modification of the same project across multiple instances of Windows HLK studio.