Keyword (in SystemProvider)

Describes the kernel flags that can be enabled for the kernel-mode session.

Element Hierarchy


<Keyword Value = "AllFaults" | "CompactCSwitch" | "ContiguousMemorygeneration" | ... 
         Strict = "true" | "false"
         RundownFlag = "Start" | "Stop">

Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default
Value Describes the system Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) event. See the Remarks section for possible values. Yes
Strict Fails to start trace if the current OS does not supports the keyword. boolean No false
RundownFlag This attribute can have one of the following values:
  • Start
  • Stop
  • None
Only required for Capturestate* keywords. None

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
Keywords (in SystemProvider) Represents a collection of system keywords.


The following table describes possible values for the Value attribute.

Value Description
AllFaults All faults are logged.
CompactCSwitch Used in connection with CSwitch, this reduces the information logged for each CSwitch, as well as uses differential compression and batching.
ContiguousMemorygeneration Contiguous memory generation is logged.
CpuConfig Changes in CPU configuration are logged.
CSwitch Context switch activity is logged.
DiskIO Disk I/O is logged.
DiskIOInitialization Disk I/O initialization is logged.
DPC Deferred procedure calls are logged.
Drivers Driver activity is logged.
FileIO File I/O is logged.
FileIOInit File I/O initialization is logged.
Filename The file name is logged.
FootPrint Used to do memory analysis, this specifies to flush the working set on a special flush mark.
HardFaults Hard faults are logged.
IdleStates Idle states are logged.
Interrupt Interrupts are logged.
KernelQueue Changes to the kernel queue are logged.
Loader Kernel and user mode load and unload events are logged.
Memory Provides events about physical memory usage.
MemoryInfo Provides basic information about the memory manager, such as number of free, used, and standby pages, and so on.
Pool Changes to the memory pool are logged.
Power Power consumption is logged.
ProcessCounter Indicates that the profile has a process counter.
ProcessThread Process and thread creation and deletion events are logged.
ReadyThread Ready thread events are logged.
Registry Changes to the registry are logged.
SampledProfile The profile is sampled.
SpinLock Spinlock information is logged.
SplitIO Provides events about split I/O requests. Single I/O requests can be split into multiple requests because of disk fragmentation or other reasons.
SystemCall System calls are logged.
ThreadPriority Changes in thread priority are logged.
Timer Provides events about the system timer.
VirtualAllocation Virtual memory allocation is logged.