Describes the kernel events on which stacks are to be enabled.

Element Hierarchy


<Stack Value = "AlpcClosePort" | "AlpcConnectFail" | "AlpcConnectRequest" ...>

Attributes and Elements


Attribute Description Data type Required Default
Value Indicates the system stack. For possible values, see the Remarks section. Yes

Child Elements


Parent Elements

Element Description
Stacks Represents a collection of stacks.


The following table describes possible values for the Value attribute.

Value Description
AlpcClosePort An advanced local procedure call (ALPC) close port message.
AlpcConnectFail An ALPC connect fail message.
AlpcConnectRequest An ALPC connect request.
AlpcConnectSuccess An ALPC connect request succeeded.
AlpcReceiveMessage An ALPC message was received.
AlpcSendMessage An ALPC messages was sent.
AlpcUnwait An ALPC wait request was canceled.
AlpcWaitForNewMessage An ALPC wait for new message request.
AlpcWaitForReply An ALPC wait for reply request.
ContiguousMemoryGeneration An event for contiguous memory generation.
CSwitch A context switch.
DiskFlushInit Initialization of a disk flush.
DiskReadInit Initialization of a disk read operation.
DiskWriteInit Initialization of a disk write operation.
ExecutiveResource An executive resource operation.
FileCleanup File cleanup.
FileClose Closing of a file.
FileCreate Creation of a file.
FileDelete Deletion of a file.
FileDirEnum Enumeration of a file directory.
FileDirNotify A file I/O event that is logged when a change directory control interrupt request procedure is received with a directory notification minor code.
FileFlush A file flush.
FileFSCTL A file system control operation.
FileOpEnd The end of a file operation.
FileQueryInformation A query for file information.
FileRead A read from a file.
FileRename Renaming of a file.
FileSetInformation A change in file information.
FileWrite A write to a file.
HardFault A hard fault.
HeapAllocation A heap allocation.
HeapCreate Creation of a heap.
HeapDestroy Destruction of a heap.
HeapFree Freeing of a heap.
HeapRangeCreate Creation of a heap range.
HeapRangeDestroy Destruction of a heap range.
HeapRangeRelease Release of a heap range.
HeapRangeReserve A heap range has been reserved.
HeapReallocation Reallocation of a heap.
ImageLoad An image has been loaded.
ImageUnload An image has been unloaded.
KernelQueueEnqueue Something has been added to the kernel queue.
KernelQueueDequeue Something has been removed from the kernel queue.
MapFile A map file.
PageAccess Access to a page.
PagefaultAV An access violation page fault.
PagefaultCopyOnWrite A copy-on-write page fault.
PagefaultDemandZero A demand-zero page fault.
PagefaultGuard A fault on a guard page.
PagefaultHard A hard page fault.
PagefaultTransition A transition page fault.
PagefileMappedSectionCreate Creation of a mapped section of a page file.
PagefileMappedSectionDelete Deletion of a mapped section of a page file.
PageRangeAccess Access to a page range.
PageRangeRelease Release of a page range.
PageRelease Release of a page.
PoolAllocation A memory pool allocation.
PoolAllocationSession Session pool allocation.
PoolFree Freeing of a memory pool allocation.
PoolFreeSession Freeing of a session pool.
PowerDeviceNotify A power device notification.
PowerDeviceNotifyComplete The end of a power device notification.
PowerIdleStateChange A change in idle state.
PowerPerfStateChange A power state change, including the old and new processor frequency and which processors it applies to.
PowerPostSleep The device has emerged from a sleep state.
PowerPreSleep The device is entering a sleep state.
PowerSessionCallout The kernel is about to perform a power transition.
PowerSessionCalloutReturn The PowerSessionCallout has completed, and logs status or errors.
PowerSetDevicesState Setting of device power state.
PowerSetDevicesStateReturn The PowerSetDevicesState has completed, and logs status or errors.
PowerSetPowerAction Setting of a power action.
PowerSetPowerActionReturn Indicates the status after a power action.
PowerThermalConstraint An event that changes the thermal constraint or cap for a device.
ProcessCreate A process has been created.
ProcessDelete A process has been deleted.
SampledProfile Indicates a sampled profile.
SampledProfileSetInterval Setting of the sampling interval for a profile.
ReadyThread A ready thread event.
RegistryCloseKey Closing of a registry key.
RegistryCreateKey Creation of a registry key.
RegistryDeleteKey Deletion of a registry key.
RegistryDeleteValue Deletion of a registry value.
RegistryEnumerateKey Enumeration of a registry key.
RegistryEnumerateValueKey Enumeration of a registry key value.
RegistryFlush A registry flush.
RegistryKcbCreate Creation of a registry Key Control Block.
RegistryKcbDelete Deletion of a registry Key Control Block.
RegistryOpenKey Opening of a registry key.
RegistryQueryKey A query of a registry key.
RegistryQueryMultipleValue A query of multiple registry values.
RegistryQuerySecurity A query of registry security settings.
RegistryQueryValue A query of a registry value.
RegistrySetInformation Setting of registry information.
RegistrySetSecurity Setting registry security.
RegistrySetValue Setting of a registry value.
RegistryVirtualize Virtualization of the registry.
SplitIO Indicates I/O that was split into separate packets.
SystemCallEnter The beginning of a system call.
SystemCallExit The end of a system call.
ThreadCreate Creation of a thread.
ThreadDCEnd The end of a thread device context.
ThreadDCStart The start of a thread device context.
ThreadDelete Deletion of a thread.
ThreadPoolCallbackCancel Canceling a threadpool callback.
ThreadPoolCallbackDequeue Removing a threadpool callback from the queue.
ThreadPoolCallbackEnqueue Placing a threadpool callback in the queue.
ThreadPoolCallbackStart Beginning of a threadpool callback.
ThreadPoolCallbackStop End of a threadpool callback.
ThreadPoolClose Closing of a thread pool.
ThreadPoolCreate Creation of a thread pool.
ThreadPoolSetMaxThreads Setting the maximum number of threads in a thread pool.
ThreadPoolSetMinThreads Setting the minimum number of threads in a thread pool.
ThreadSetBasePriority Setting of the base priority of a thread.
ThreadSetPriority Setting priority of a thread.
TimerPeriodic A periodic timer event.
TimerOnShot A one-shot timer event.
UnMapFile Unmapping of a file.
VirtualAllocation A virtual allocation of memory.
VirtualFree A virtual freeing of memory.