WPA Features

This section describes features of Windows Performance Analyzer.

In This Section


Describes WPA graphs.

Data Tables

Describes WPA data tables.

View Profiles

Describes WPA view profiles.

WPA Query Syntax

Describes the query syntax used in WPA searches.

Loading Symbols

Describes loading debugging symbols.

Open an archive in WPA

Describes how to open ETL files in WPA that are contained within cabinet files and zip files, merging multiple traces within an archive, and compressing merged traces.

Opening WPA from an Assessment

Describes opening WPA from an assessment.

WPA User Interface

Gives detailed descriptions of the WPA user interface.

Comparative Analysis Views

Describes comparative analysis views, which allow you to compare results from two traces.


Describes the WPA Exporter.

Microsoft Store App Analysis

Describes features in WPA that you can use for Microsoft Store App analysis.

Regions of Interest

Describes Regions of Interest, including how to create and apply them to a trace.

WPA Annotations

Describes how to annotate in WPA.

Windows Performance Analyzer