Get started with the Windows Insider Program for Windows Server

Register for the Windows Insider Program

  1. Register with either your Microsoft Entra ID work account, which we recommend for the best experience, or your personal account. When you use your organization's account, you'll be able to give us feedback on behalf of your organization to help shape Windows to meet your business's specific needs. You must have a Microsoft Entra account to sign up as your organization. If you don't have one, find out how to get a Microsoft Entra tenant. You can also register with your personal Microsoft account, which is the same account you use for other Microsoft services, like email, Microsoft Office, or OneDrive. (Don't have a Microsoft account? Sign up now!)

  2. Accept the terms of our Program Agreement and Privacy Statement and submit. Welcome to the Windows Insider Program!

Start flighting

  1. Go to the Windows Server Insider Preview page and download the current build. Matching debugging symbols are also provided. Containers are available on Docker Hub. Visit Windows Containers Documentation to learn more about Windows Server containers and Insider Preview builds.

  2. When new builds are available, announcements will be posted in our flight blog posts, our Windows Server Insiders Tech Community, the Windows Server blog, and the announcements section of the Feedback Hub.

  3. Windows Server Insider Preview builds are designed for you to download at your convenience, so we won't automatically install new builds on your servers. You'll have to return to our website to download new versions.

Give feedback

  1. Once you've had a chance to explore Windows Server Insider Preview Builds, give us feedback in the Feedback Hub by selecting the Windows Server category and the right subcategory for your feedback. Be sure to include the build number you're using. This feedback goes directly to our engineers working to improve Windows Server. Not sure how to get started in the Feedback Hub? Learn more about how to give great feedback.

  2. When you register with your work's Microsoft Entra account, you can also search in the Feedback Hub to see feedback from other Windows Insiders in your organization. Only Microsoft and users registered under your company's domain in Microsoft Entra ID can view your organization's feedback. Learn how to see your organization's feedback.

  3. Join us in the Windows Server Insider Tech Community to engage with our community of IT professionals, learn from experts, and get help quickly resolving critical issues.