Validate upcoming releases in the Release Preview Channel

If you're an IT administrator who wants to validate the upcoming Windows 10 releases before broad deployment within your organization, we recommend using the Release Preview Channel. These Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds give you an early look at the upcoming version of Windows before it's released to the world, with advanced quality updates and certain key features. They also receive monthly security updates and are supported by Microsoft if you're in the Windows Insider Program for Business.

The Release Preview Channel lets you validate the next version of Windows a few months before it's released to the public, so you can:

  • Identify issues sooner in your organization to accelerate your Windows deployment.
  • Get help from us on potential compatibility issues earlier.
  • Deploy Windows 10 Semi-Annual releases faster and more confidently.
  • Maximize the support window that comes with each Semi-Annual release.

We recommend that you put one percent of your organization's devices in the Release Preview Channel. Ideally, this one percent is a diverse group of devices that represents the hardware and software used across your organization.

You can set up Insider Preview builds from the Release Preview Channel for your organization in your preferred management tool with your normal policy set. This way, you'll not only be able to validate the upcoming release, but also make sure your policies and rollout process are working as expected before you deploy it more broadly.

Once your users are seeing new features, have them submit feedback on behalf of your organization, which you can then track in the Feedback Hub, to help us make improvements.


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