add alias

Adds aliases to the alias environment. If used without parameters, add alias displays help at the command prompt. Aliases are saved in the metadata file and will be loaded with the load metadata command.


add alias <aliasname> <aliasvalue>


Parameter Description
<aliasname> Specifies the name of the alias.
<aliasvalue> Specifies the value of the alias.
`? Displays help at the command prompt.


To list all shadows, including their aliases, type:

list shadows all

The following excerpt shows a shadow copy to which the default alias, VSS_SHADOW_x, has been assigned:

* Shadow Copy ID = {ff47165a-1946-4a0c-b7f4-80f46a309278}

To assign a new alias with the name System1 to this shadow copy, type:

add alias System1 %VSS_SHADOW_1%

Alternatively, you can assign the alias by using the shadow copy ID:

add alias System1 {ff47165a-1946-4a0c-b7f4-80f46a309278}