Runs when the computer is started and prior to Windows Server starting to verify the logical integrity of a file system.

Autochk.exe is a version of chkdsk that runs only on NTFS disks and only before Windows Server starts. autochk cannot be run directly from the command-line. Instead, autochk runs in the following situations:

  • If you try to run chkdsk on the boot volume.

  • If chkdsk cannot gain exclusive use of the volume.

  • If the volume is flagged as dirty.



The autochk command-line tool cannot be directly run from the command-line. Instead, use the chkntfs command-line tool to configure the way you want autochk to run at startup.

  • You can use chkntfs with the /x parameter to prevent autochk from running on a specific volume or multiple volumes.

  • Use the chkntfs.exe command-line tool with the /t parameter to change the autochk delay from 0 seconds to up to 3 days (259,200 seconds). However, a long delay means that the computer does not start until the time elapses or until you press a key to cancel autochk.

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