bdehdcfg: target

Prepares a partition for use as a system drive by BitLocker and Windows Recovery. By default, this partition is created without a drive letter.


bdehdcfg -target {default|unallocated|<drive_letter> shrink|<drive_letter> merge}


Parameter Description
default Indicates that the command-line tool will follow the same process as the BitLocker setup wizard.
unallocated Creates the system partition out of the unallocated space available on the disk.
<drive_letter> shrink Reduces the drive specified by the amount necessary to create an active system partition. To use this command, the drive specified must have at least 5 percent free space.
<drive_letter> merge Uses the drive specified as the active system partition. The operating system drive cannot be a target for merge.


To designate an existing drive (P) as the system drive:

bdehdcfg -target P: merge

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