bitsadmin transfer

Transfers one or more files. By default, the BITSAdmin service creates a download job that runs at NORMAL priority and updates the command window with progress information until the transfer is complete or until a critical error occurs,

The service completes the job if it successfully transfers all the files and cancels the job if a critical error occurs. The service does not create the job if it is unable to add files to the job or if you specify an invalid value for type or job_priority. To transfer more than one file, specify multiple <RemoteFileName>-<LocalFileName> pairs. The pairs must be space-delimited.


The BITSAdmin command continues to run if a transient error occurs. To end the command, press CTRL+C.


bitsadmin /transfer <name> [<type>] [/priority <job_priority>] [/ACLflags <flags>] [/DYNAMIC] <remotefilename> <localfilename>


Parameter Description
name The name of the job. This command can't be a GUID.
type Optional. Sets the type of job, including:
  • /DOWNLOAD. The default value. Choose this type for download jobs.
  • /UPLOAD. Choose this type for upload jobs.
priority Optional. Sets the priority of the job, including:
  • HIGH
  • LOW
ACLflags Optional. Indicates that you want to maintain the owner and ACL information with the file being downloaded. Specify one or more of the values, including:
  • o - Copy owner information with file.
  • g - Copy group information with file.
  • d - Copy discretionary access control list (DACL) information with file.
  • s - Copy system access control list (SACL) information with file.
/DYNAMIC Configures the job using BITS_JOB_PROPERTY_DYNAMIC_CONTENT, which relaxes the server-side requirements.
remotefilename The name of the file after it's transferred to the server.
localfilename The name of the file that resides locally.


To start a transfer job named myDownloadJob:

bitsadmin /transfer myDownloadJob http://prodserver/audio.wma c:\downloads\audio.wma