reg load

Writes saved subkeys and entries into a different subkey in the registry. This command is intended for use with temporary files that are used for troubleshooting or editing registry entries.


reg load <keyname> <filename>


Parameter Description
<keyname> Specifies the full path of the subkey to be loaded. To specify a remote computer, include the computer name (in the format \\<computername>\) as part of the keyname. Omitting \\<computername>\ causes the operation to default to the local computer. The keyname must include a valid root key. Valid root keys for the local computer are: HKLM, HKCU, HKCR, HKU, and HKCC. If a remote computer is specified, valid root keys are: HKLM and HKU. If the registry key name contains a space, enclose the key name in quotes.
<filename> Specifies the name and path of the file to be loaded. This file must be created in advance by using the reg save command, and must have a .hiv extension.
/? Displays help at the command prompt.


  • The return values for the reg load operation are:

    Value Description
    0 Success
    1 Failure


To load the file named to the key HKLM\TempHive, type:

reg load HKLM\TempHive