This utility can be used to get information about the Trusted Platform Module (TPM).


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tpmtool /parameter [<arguments>]


Parameter Description
getdeviceinformation Displays the basic information of the TPM. See the Win32_Tpm::IsReadyInformation method parameters article for details about the information flag values.
gatherlogs [output directory path] Collects TPM logs and places them in the specified directory. If that directory doesn't exist, it's created. By default, the log files are placed in the current directory. The possible files generated are:
  • TpmEvents.evtx
  • TpmInformation.txt
  • SRTMBoot.dat
  • SRTMResume.dat
  • DRTMBoot.dat
  • DRTMResume.dat
drivertracing [start | stop] Starts or stops collecting TPM driver traces. The trace log, TPMTRACE.etl, is created and placed in the current directory.
/? Displays help at the command prompt.


To display the basic information of the TPM, type:

tpmtool getdeviceinformation

To collect TPM logs and place them in the current directory, type:

tpmtool gatherlogs

To collect TPM logs and place them in C:\Users\Public, type:

tpmtool gatherlogs C:\Users\Public

To collect TPM driver traces, type:

tpmtool drivertracing start
# Run scenario
tpmtool drivertracing stop