Windows Admin Center Settings

Applies to: Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center settings consist of user-level and gateway-level settings. A change to a user-level setting only affects the current user's profile, while a change to a gateway-level setting affects all users on that Windows Admin Center gateway.

User settings

User-level settings consist of the following sections:

  • Account
  • Personalization
  • Language/Region
  • Suggestions
  • Advanced
  • General

In the Account tab, users can review the credentials they have used to authenticate to Windows Admin Center. If Azure AD is configured to be the identity provider, the user can log out of their Azure AD account from this tab.

In the Personalization tab, users can toggle to a dark UI theme.

In the Language/Region tab, users can change the language and region formats displayed by Windows Admin Center.

In the Suggestions tab, users can toggle suggestions about Azure services and new features.

The Advanced tab gives Windows Admin Center extension developers additional capabilities.

In the General tab, users can select to have their UI session of Windows Admin Center expire after some period of inactivity.

Gateway settings

Gateway-level settings consist of the following sections:

  • Extensions
  • Access
  • Azure
  • Shared Connections
  • WebSocket validation

Only gateway administrators are able to see and change these settings. Changes to these settings change the configuration of the gateway and affect all users of the Windows Admin Center gateway.

In the Extensions tab, administrators can install, uninstall, or update gateway extensions. Learn more about extensions.

The Access tab lets administrators configure who can access the Windows Admin Center gateway, as well as the identity provider used to authenticate users. Learn more about controlling access to the gateway.

From the Azure tab, administrators can register the gateway with Azure to enable Azure integration features in Windows Admin Center.

Using the Shared Connections tab, administrators can configure a single list of connections to be shared across all users of the Windows Admin Center gateway. Learn more about configuring connections once for all users of a gateway.

For WebSocket validation, administrators can now validate their WebSocket connections and customize these settings to various conditions. Learn more about WebSocket validation