Target a different version of the Windows Admin Center SDK

Applies to: Windows Admin Center, Windows Admin Center Preview

Keeping your extension up to date with SDK changes and platform changes is easy. We use NPM tags to organize the release of new features into SDK versions.

There are three SDK versions you can choose from:

  • latest – this SDK package aligns with the current GA release of Windows Admin Center
  • insider – this SDK package aligns with the current preview release of Windows Admin Center (available at Windows Server Insider Preview)
  • next – this SDK package contains the most recent functionality


Find out more about the different versions of Windows Admin Center that are available to download.

Targeting SDK version on a new project

When creating a new extension, you can include the --version parameter to target a different version of the SDK:

wac create --company "{!Company Name}" --tool "{!Tool Name}" --version {!version}
Value Explanation Example
{!Company Name} Your company name (with spaces) Contoso Inc
{!Tool Name} Your tool name (with spaces) Manage Foo Works
{!version} SDK Version latest

Here's an example creating a new extension targeting insider:

wac create --company "Contoso Inc" --tool "Manage Foo Works" --version insider

Targeting SDK version on an existing project

To modify an existing project to target a different SDK version, modify the following line in package.json:

"@microsoft/windows-admin-center-sdk": "latest",

In this example, replace latest with your desired SDK version, i.e. insider:

"@microsoft/windows-admin-center-sdk": "insider",

Then run npm install to update references throughout your project.