Manage Failover Clusters with Windows Admin Center

Applies to: Windows Admin Center, Windows Admin Center Preview


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Managing failover clusters

Failover clustering is a Windows Server feature that enables you to group multiple servers together into a fault-tolerant cluster to increase availability and scalability of applications and services such as Scale-Out File Server, Hyper-V and Microsoft SQL Server.

While you can manage failover cluster nodes as individual servers by adding them with Server Manager in Windows Admin Center, you can also add them as Failover clusters to view and manage cluster resources, storage, network, nodes, roles, virtual machines and virtual switches.

Failover cluster Overview screen

Adding a failover cluster to Windows Admin Center

To add a cluster to Windows Admin Center:

  1. Click + Add under All Connections.
  2. Choose to add Server clusters.
  3. Type the name of the cluster and, if prompted, the credentials to use.
  4. You will have the option to add the cluster nodes as individual server connections in Windows Admin Center.
  5. Click Add to finish.

The cluster will be added to your connection list on the Overview page. Click it to connect to the cluster.


You can also manage hyper-converged clustered by adding the cluster as a Hyper-Converged Cluster connection in Windows Admin Center.


The following tools are available for failover cluster connections:

Tool Description
Overview View failover cluster details and manage cluster resources
Disks View cluster shared disks and volumes
Networks View networks in the cluster
Nodes View and manage cluster nodes
Roles Manage cluster roles or create an empty role
Updates Manage Cluster-Aware Updates (requires CredSSP)
Virtual Machines View and manage virtual machines
Virtual Switches View and manage virtual switches