NIC advanced properties

Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Azure Stack HCI, versions 21H2 and 20H2

You can manage NICs and all the features via Windows PowerShell using the NetAdapter cmdlet. You can also manage NICs and all the features using Network Control Panel (ncpa.cpl). To learn more, see Host network requirements for Azure Stack HCI.

  1. In Windows PowerShell, run the Get‑NetAdapterAdvancedProperty cmdlet against two different make/model of NICs.

    Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty m1

    Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperty c1

    There are similarities and differences in these two NIC Advanced Properties Lists.

  2. In the Network Control Panel (ncpa.cpl), do the following:

    a. Right-click the NIC.

    Network connections dialog

    b. In the properties dialog, click Configure.

    C1 Properties

    c. Click the Advanced tab to view the advanced properties.

    The items in this list correlates to the items in the Get-NetAdapterAdvancedProperties output.

    Chelsio Network Adapter Properties