Create a Standard User Account

Create standard user accounts for those users who will regularly access stations, but who will not manage your MultiPoint Services system. Users with standard user accounts can run most applications and save files, but cannot run MultiPoint Manager. To see who has standard user access, in MultiPoint Manager, click the Users tab. Standard user accounts are displayed in the Account Type column as Standard.

If your MultiPoint Services users will store private documents in Windows, each user should log on to the MultiPoint Services system using a unique user name and password.


For more information about issues you, as an administrative user, should consider as you create and manage user accounts, see the User Account Considerations topic.

To create a standard user account

  1. In MultiPoint Manager, click the Users tab.

  2. Under User Tasks, click Add user account. The Add User Account wizard opens.

  3. In the User account field, type a logon name for the user. Typically, the logon user name is the first and last name written together without spaces, or the first initial and last name written together without a space.

  4. In the Full name field, type the name of the user in whatever format you prefer, such as given name, full name, or a nickname.

  5. In the Create password field, type a password for the user. This password should only be known to you and the user, and you should store this information in a secure location. The password can only be changed by an administrative user.

  6. In the Confirm password field, retype the password, and then click Next.

  7. On the level of access page, select Standard user, and then click Next.

  8. Click Finish.