Manage User Desktops Using MultiPoint Dashboard

In a MultiPoint Services system, a desktop is the software user interface presented on the monitor for each user station. The MultiPoint Dashboard is a tool which helps you manage those desktops.

In MultiPoint Dashboard, on the Home tab, you can do the following:

  • View desktops You can view the thumbnail images for each active desktop. For information about viewing thumbnails, see the View Options for Session Thumbnails topic.
  • Block or unblock stations You can block and unblock stations. You can also customize a message to display on blocked stations. For more information about blocking or unblocking stations, or creating a message to display on blocked stations, see the Block or Unblock a Station topic.
  • Limit web use You can configure which websites users can visit. For information about setting websites, see the Limit Web Access topic.
  • Block or unblock USB storage You can block and unblock USB storage either per station or for all station. When storage is blocked, users cannot use any USB storage devices on their stations. See the Block or Unblock USB Storage topic.
  • Project a station to another station You can project your station to another station or stations. You can also project a different selected station to all other stations. For information about projecting a station, see the Project a Station to Other Stations topic.
  • Launch or close applications on a station You can launch or close applications on a station. For information about launching or closing applications, see the Launch or Close Applications on a Station topic.
  • Use IM You can chat with selected users. The chat message is only visible to the Dashboard user and the user of the selected session. See Use IM for more information.
  • Change the size of thumbnail images You can change the size of the thumbnails that display in MultiPoint Dashboard. For information about changing the thumbnail size, see View Options for Session Thumbnails.
  • Show all stations You can view all of the stations that are connected to your system, including stations that are not active. For information about viewing all stations, see the Show All Stations topic.
  • Search and sort thumbnails You can define the order and grouping of thumbnails in the dashboard. Use search to filter the thumbnails.
  • Log off all monitored stations You can log off all of the monitored stations on your MultiPoint Services system. For information about logging off monitored stations, see the Log Off User Sessions topic.