Design and code Windows apps

Design guidelines and UI code examples for creating Windows app experiences.

Design downloads

Design downloads Get design toolkits and samples.

Design basics

Design basics An introduction to app design and the Fluent Design System.


Layout Responsive tips and APIs for a UI that looks great on every screen size.

Controls and patterns

Controls and patterns All the UI building blocks you need, from radio buttons to navigation controls.


Style Make your app stand out with color, typography, and acrylic.


Motion Bring your app to life with animations and transitions.


Shell Use Windows shell features to launch your app and display notifications.

Input and interactions

Input and interactions Optimize your app for touch, pen, Surface dial, and other input types.


Devices Learn about the spectrum of Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices and how to optimize for them.


Usability Make your app inclusive and accessible to people around the world.