Segoe MDL2 Assets icons

This article provides developer guidelines for using the Segoe MDL2 Assets icons and lists the font glyphs along with their unicode values and descriptive names.

Important APIs:

About Segoe MDL2 Assets


With the release of Windows 10, the Segoe MDL2 Assets font replaced the Windows 8/8.1 Segoe UI Symbol icon font. Segoe UI Symbol will still be available as a "legacy" resource, but we recommend updating your app to use the new Segoe MDL2 Assets.

Most of the icons and UI controls included in the Segoe MDL2 Assets font are mapped to the Private Use Area of Unicode (PUA). The PUA allows font developers to assign private Unicode values to glyphs that don’t map to existing code points. This is useful when creating a symbol font, but it creates an interoperability problem. If the font is not available, the glyphs won’t show up. Only use these glyphs when you can specify the Segoe MDL2 Assets font.

Use these glyphs only when you can explicitly specify the Segoe MDL2 Assets font. If you are working with tiles, you can't use these glyphs because you can't specify the tile font and PUA glyphs are not available via font-fallback.

Unlike with Segoe UI Symbol, the icons in the Segoe MDL2 Assets font are not intended for use in-line with text. This means that some older "tricks" like the progressive disclosure arrows no longer apply. Likewise, since all of the new icons are sized and positioned the same, they do not have to be made with zero width; we have just made sure they work as a set. Ideally, you can overlay two icons that were designed as a set and they will fall into place. We may do this to allow colorization in the code. For example, U+EA3A and U+EA3B were created for the Start tile Badge status. Because these are already centered the circle fill can be colored for different states.

Layering and mirroring

All glyphs in Segoe MDL2 Assets have the same fixed width with a consistent height and left origin point, so layering and colorization effects can be achieved by drawing glyphs directly on top of each other. This example show a black outline drawn on top of the zero-width red heart.

using a zero-width glyph

Many of the icons also have mirrored forms available for use in languages that use right-to-left text directionality such as Arabic, Dari, Persian, and Hebrew.

Using the icons

If you are developing an app in C#/VB/C++ and XAML, you can use specified glyphs from Segoe MDL2 Assets with the Symbol enumeration.

<SymbolIcon Symbol="GlobalNavigationButton"/>

If you would like to use a glyph from the Segoe MDL2 Assets font that is not included in the Symbol enum, then use a FontIcon.

<FontIcon FontFamily="Segoe MDL2 Assets" Glyph="&#xE700;"/>

You can also use the static resource SymbolThemeFontFamily to access Segoe MDL2 Assets, instead of specifying the font by name:

<FontIcon FontFamily="{StaticResource SymbolThemeFontFamily}" Glyph="&#xE700;"/>

How do I get this font?

Icon list

Please keep in mind that the Segoe MDL2 Assets font includes many more icons than we can show here. Many of the icons are intended for specialized purposes and are not typically used anywhere else.


Glyphs with prefixes ranging from E0- to E5- (e.g. E001, E5B1) are currently marked as legacy and are therefore deprecated.

The following tables display all Segoe MDL2 Assets icons and their respective unicode values and descriptive names. Select a range from the following list to view glyphs according to the PUA range they belong to.

PUA E700-E900

The following table of glyphs displays unicode points prefixed from E7- to E9-.

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Glyph Unicode point Description
GlobalNavigationButton E700 GlobalNavigationButton
Wifi E701 Wifi
Bluetooth E702 Bluetooth
Connect E703 Connect
InternetSharing E704 InternetSharing
Brightness E706 Brightness
MapPin E707 MapPin
QuietHours E708 QuietHours
Airplane E709 Airplane
Tablet E70A Tablet
QuickNote E70B QuickNote
RememberedDevice E70C RememberedDevice
ChevronDown E70D ChevronDown
ChevronUp E70E ChevronUp
Edit E70F Edit
Add E710 Add
Cancel E711 Cancel
More E712 More
Setting E713 Setting
Video E714 Video
Mail E715 Mail
People E716 People
Phone E717 Phone
Pin E718 Pin
Shop E719 Shop
Stop E71A Stop
Link E71B Link
Filter E71C Filter
AllApps E71D AllApps
Zoom E71E Zoom
ZoomOut E71F ZoomOut
Microphone E720 Microphone
Search E721 Search
Camera E722 Camera
Attach E723 Attach
Send E724 Send
SendFill E725 SendFill
WalkSolid E726 WalkSolid
InPrivate E727 InPrivate
FavoriteList E728 FavoriteList
PageSolid E729 PageSolid
Forward E72A Forward
Back E72B Back
Refresh E72C Refresh
Share E72D Share
Lock E72E Lock
ReportHacked E730 ReportHacked
FavoriteStar E734 FavoriteStar
FavoriteStarFill E735 FavoriteStarFill
ReadingMode E736 ReadingMode
Favicon E737 Favicon
Remove E738 Remove
Checkbox E739 Checkbox
CheckboxComposite E73A CheckboxComposite
CheckboxFill E73B CheckboxFill
CheckboxIndeterminate E73C CheckboxIndeterminate
CheckboxCompositeReversed E73D CheckboxCompositeReversed
CheckMark E73E CheckMark
BackToWindow E73F BackToWindow
FullScreen E740 FullScreen
ResizeTouchLarger E741 ResizeTouchLarger
ResizeTouchSmaller E742 ResizeTouchSmaller
ResizeMouseSmall E743 ResizeMouseSmall
ResizeMouseMedium E744 ResizeMouseMedium
ResizeMouseWide E745 ResizeMouseWide
ResizeMouseTall E746 ResizeMouseTall
ResizeMouseLarge E747 ResizeMouseLarge
SwitchUser E748 SwitchUser
Print E749 Print
Up E74A Up
Down E74B Down
Delete E74D Delete
Save E74E Save
Mute E74F Mute
BackSpaceQWERTY E750 BackSpaceQWERTY
ReturnKey E751 ReturnKey
UpArrowShiftKey E752 UpArrowShiftKey
Cloud E753 Cloud
Flashlight E754 Flashlight
RotationLock E755 RotationLock
CommandPrompt E756 CommandPrompt
SIPMove E759 SIPMove
SIPUndock E75A SIPUndock
SIPRedock E75B SIPRedock
EraseTool E75C EraseTool
UnderscoreSpace E75D UnderscoreSpace
GripperTool E75E GripperTool
Dialpad E75F Dialpad
PageLeft E760 PageLeft
PageRight E761 PageRight
MultiSelect E762 MultiSelect
KeyboardLeftHanded E763 KeyboardLeftHanded
KeyboardRightHanded E764 KeyboardRightHanded
KeyboardClassic E765 KeyboardClassic
KeyboardSplit E766 KeyboardSplit
Volume E767 Volume
Play E768 Play
Pause E769 Pause
ChevronLeft E76B ChevronLeft
ChevronRight E76C ChevronRight
InkingTool E76D InkingTool
Emoji2 E76E Emoji2
GripperBarHorizontal E76F GripperBarHorizontal
System E770 System
Personalize E771 Personalize
Devices E772 Devices
SearchAndApps E773 SearchAndApps
Globe E774 Globe
TimeLanguage E775 TimeLanguage
EaseOfAccess E776 EaseOfAccess
UpdateRestore E777 UpdateRestore
HangUp E778 HangUp
ContactInfo E779 ContactInfo
Unpin E77A Unpin
Contact E77B Contact
Memo E77C Memo
IncomingCall E77E IncomingCall
Paste E77F Paste
PhoneBook E780 PhoneBook
LEDLight E781 LEDLight
Error E783 Error
GripperBarVertical E784 GripperBarVertical
Unlock E785 Unlock
Slideshow E786 Slideshow
Calendar E787 Calendar
GripperResize E788 GripperResize
Megaphone E789 Megaphone
Trim E78A Trim
NewWindow E78B NewWindow
SaveLocal E78C SaveLocal
Color E790 Color
DataSense E791 DataSense
SaveAs E792 SaveAs
Light E793 Light
AspectRatio E799 AspectRatio
DataSenseBar E7A5 DataSenseBar
Redo E7A6 Redo
Undo E7A7 Undo
Crop E7A8 Crop
OpenWith E7AC OpenWith
Rotate E7AD Rotate
RedEye E7B3 RedEye
SetlockScreen E7B5 SetlockScreen
MapPin2 E7B7 MapPin2
Package E7B8 Package
Warning E7BA Warning
ReadingList E7BC ReadingList
Education E7BE Education
ShoppingCart E7BF ShoppingCart
Train E7C0 Train
Flag E7C1 Flag
Page E7C3 Page
TaskView E7C4 TaskView
BrowsePhotos E7C5 BrowsePhotos
HalfStarLeft E7C6 HalfStarLeft
HalfStarRight E7C7 HalfStarRight
Record E7C8 Record
TouchPointer E7C9 TouchPointer
Ferry E7E3 Ferry
Highlight E7E6 Highlight
ActionCenterNotification E7E7 ActionCenterNotification
PowerButton E7E8 PowerButton
ResizeTouchNarrower E7EA ResizeTouchNarrower
ResizeTouchShorter E7EB ResizeTouchShorter
DrivingMode E7EC DrivingMode
RingerSilent E7ED RingerSilent
OtherUser E7EE OtherUser
Admin E7EF Admin
SDCard E7F1 SDCard
CallForwarding E7F2 CallForwarding
SettingsDisplaySound E7F3 SettingsDisplaySound
TVMonitor E7F4 TVMonitor
Speakers E7F5 Speakers
Headphone E7F6 Headphone
DeviceLaptopPic E7F7 DeviceLaptopPic
DeviceLaptopNoPic E7F8 DeviceLaptopNoPic
DeviceMonitorRightPic E7F9 DeviceMonitorRightPic
DeviceMonitorLeftPic E7FA DeviceMonitorLeftPic
DeviceMonitorNoPic E7FB DeviceMonitorNoPic
Game E7FC Game
HorizontalTabKey E7FD HorizontalTabKey
StreetsideSplitMinimize E802 StreetsideSplitMinimize
StreetsideSplitExpand E803 StreetsideSplitExpand
Car E804 Car
Walk E805 Walk
Bus E806 Bus
TiltUp E809 TiltUp
TiltDown E80A TiltDown
CallControl E80B CallControl
RotateMapRight E80C RotateMapRight
RotateMapLeft E80D RotateMapLeft
Home E80F Home
ParkingLocation E811 ParkingLocation
MapCompassTop E812 MapCompassTop
MapCompassBottom E813 MapCompassBottom
IncidentTriangle E814 IncidentTriangle
Touch E815 Touch
MapDirections E816 MapDirections
StartPoint E819 StartPoint
StopPoint E81A StopPoint
EndPoint E81B EndPoint
History E81C History
Location E81D Location
MapLayers E81E MapLayers
Accident E81F Accident
Work E821 Work
Construction E822 Construction
Recent E823 Recent
Bank E825 Bank
DownloadMap E826 DownloadMap
InkingToolFill2 E829 InkingToolFill2
HighlightFill2 E82A HighlightFill2
EraseToolFill E82B EraseToolFill
EraseToolFill2 E82C EraseToolFill2
Dictionary E82D Dictionary
DictionaryAdd E82E DictionaryAdd
ToolTip E82F ToolTip
ChromeBack E830 ChromeBack
ProvisioningPackage E835 ProvisioningPackage
AddRemoteDevice E836 AddRemoteDevice
FolderOpen E838 FolderOpen
Ethernet E839 Ethernet
 ShareBroadband E83A ShareBroadband
DirectAccess E83B DirectAccess
 DialUp E83C DialUp
DefenderApp E83D DefenderApp
BatteryCharging9 E83E BatteryCharging9
Battery10 E83F Battery10
Pinned E840 Pinned
PinFill E841 PinFill
PinnedFill E842 PinnedFill
PeriodKey E843 PeriodKey
PuncKey E844 PuncKey
RevToggleKey E845 RevToggleKey
RightArrowKeyTime1 E846 RightArrowKeyTime1
RightArrowKeyTime2 E847 RightArrowKeyTime2
LeftQuote E848 LeftQuote
RightQuote E849 RightQuote
DownShiftKey E84A DownShiftKey
UpShiftKey E84B UpShiftKey
PuncKey0 E84C PuncKey0
PuncKeyLeftBottom E84D PuncKeyLeftBottom
RightArrowKeyTime3 E84E RightArrowKeyTime3
RightArrowKeyTime4 E84F RightArrowKeyTime4
Battery0 E850 Battery0
Battery1 E851 Battery1
Battery2 E852 Battery2
Battery3 E853 Battery3
Battery4 E854 Battery4
Battery5 E855 Battery5
Battery6 E856 Battery6
Battery7 E857 Battery7
Battery8 E858 Battery8
Battery9 E859 Battery9
BatteryCharging0 E85A BatteryCharging0
BatteryCharging1 E85B BatteryCharging1
BatteryCharging2 E85C BatteryCharging2
BatteryCharging3 E85D BatteryCharging3
BatteryCharging4 E85E BatteryCharging4
BatteryCharging5 E85F BatteryCharging5
BatteryCharging6 E860 BatteryCharging6
BatteryCharging7 E861 BatteryCharging7
BatteryCharging8 E862 BatteryCharging8
BatterySaver0 E863 BatterySaver0
BatterySaver1 E864 BatterySaver1
BatterySaver2 E865 BatterySaver2
BatterySaver3 E866 BatterySaver3
BatterySaver4 E867 BatterySaver4
BatterySaver5 E868 BatterySaver5
BatterySaver6 E869 BatterySaver6
BatterySaver7 E86A BatterySaver7
BatterySaver8 E86B BatterySaver8
SignalBars1 E86C SignalBars1
SignalBars2 E86D SignalBars2
SignalBars3 E86E SignalBars3
SignalBars4 E86F SignalBars4
SignalBars5 E870 SignalBars5
SignalNotConnected E871 SignalNotConnected
Wifi1 E872 Wifi1
Wifi2 E873 Wifi2
Wifi3 E874 Wifi3
MobSIMLock E875 MobSIMLock
MobSIMMissing E876 MobSIMMissing
Vibrate E877 Vibrate
RoamingInternational E878 RoamingInternational
RoamingDomestic E879 RoamingDomestic
CallForwardInternational E87A CallForwardInternational
CallForwardRoaming E87B CallForwardRoaming
JpnRomanji E87C JpnRomanji
JpnRomanjiLock E87D JpnRomanjiLock
JpnRomanjiShift E87E JpnRomanjiShift
JpnRomanjiShiftLock E87F JpnRomanjiShiftLock
StatusDataTransfer E880 StatusDataTransfer
StatusDataTransferVPN E881 StatusDataTransferVPN
StatusDualSIM2 E882 StatusDualSIM2
StatusDualSIM2VPN E883 StatusDualSIM2VPN
StatusDualSIM1 E884 StatusDualSIM1
StatusDualSIM1VPN E885 StatusDualSIM1VPN
StatusSGLTE E886 StatusSGLTE
StatusSGLTECell E887 StatusSGLTECell
StatusSGLTEDataVPN E888 StatusSGLTEDataVPN
StatusVPN E889 StatusVPN
WifiHotspot E88A WifiHotspot
LanguageKor E88B LanguageKor
LanguageCht E88C LanguageCht
LanguageChs E88D LanguageChs
InkingToolFill E88F InkingToolFill
View E890 View
HighlightFill E891 HighlightFill
Previous E892 Previous
Next E893 Next
Clear E894 Clear
Sync E895 Sync
Download E896 Download
Help E897 Help
Upload E898 Upload
Emoji E899 Emoji
TwoPage E89A TwoPage
LeaveChat E89B LeaveChat
MailForward E89C MailForward
RotateCamera E89E RotateCamera
ClosePane E89F ClosePane
OpenPane E8A0 OpenPane
PreviewLink E8A1 PreviewLink
AttachCamera E8A2 AttachCamera
ZoomIn E8A3 ZoomIn
Bookmarks E8A4 Bookmarks
Document E8A5 Document
ProtectedDocument E8A6 ProtectedDocument
OpenInNewWindow E8A7 OpenInNewWindow
MailFill E8A8 MailFill
ViewAll E8A9 ViewAll
VideoChat E8AA VideoChat
Switch E8AB Switch
Rename E8AC Rename
Go E8AD Go
SurfaceHub E8AE SurfaceHub
Remote E8AF Remote
Click E8B0 Click
Shuffle E8B1 Shuffle
Movies E8B2 Movies
SelectAll E8B3 SelectAll
Orientation E8B4 Orientation
Import E8B5 Import
ImportAll E8B6 ImportAll
Folder E8B7 Folder
Webcam E8B8 Webcam
Picture E8B9 Picture
Caption E8BA Caption
ChromeClose E8BB ChromeClose
ShowResults E8BC ShowResults
Message E8BD Message
Leaf E8BE Leaf
CalendarDay E8BF CalendarDay
CalendarWeek E8C0 CalendarWeek
Characters E8C1 Characters
MailReplyAll E8C2 MailReplyAll
Read E8C3 Read
ShowBcc E8C4 ShowBcc
HideBcc E8C5 HideBcc
Cut E8C6 Cut
PaymentCard E8C7 PaymentCard
Copy E8C8 Copy
Important E8C9 Important
MailReply E8CA MailReply
Sort E8CB Sort
MobileTablet E8CC MobileTablet
DisconnectDrive E8CD DisconnectDrive
MapDrive E8CE MapDrive
ContactPresence E8CF ContactPresence
Priority E8D0 Priority
GotoToday E8D1 GotoToday
Font E8D2 Font
FontColor E8D3 FontColor
Contact2 E8D4 Contact2
FolderFill E8D5 FolderFill
Audio E8D6 Audio
Permissions E8D7 Permissions
DisableUpdates E8D8 DisableUpdates
Unfavorite E8D9 Unfavorite
OpenLocal E8DA OpenLocal
Italic E8DB Italic
Underline E8DC Underline
Bold E8DD Bold
MoveToFolder E8DE MoveToFolder
LikeDislike E8DF LikeDislike
Dislike E8E0 Dislike
Like E8E1 Like
AlignRight E8E2 AlignRight
AlignCenter E8E3 AlignCenter
AlignLeft E8E4 AlignLeft
OpenFile E8E5 OpenFile
ClearSelection E8E6 ClearSelection
FontDecrease E8E7 FontDecrease
FontIncrease E8E8 FontIncrease
FontSize E8E9 FontSize
CellPhone E8EA CellPhone
Reshare E8EB Reshare
Tag E8EC Tag
RepeatOne E8ED RepeatOne
RepeatAll E8EE RepeatAll
Calculator E8EF Calculator
Directions E8F0 Directions
Library E8F1 Library
ChatBubbles E8F2 ChatBubbles
PostUpdate E8F3 PostUpdate
NewFolder E8F4 NewFolder
CalendarReply E8F5 CalendarReply
UnsyncFolder E8F6 UnsyncFolder
SyncFolder E8F7 SyncFolder
BlockContact E8F8 BlockContact
SwitchApps E8F9 SwitchApps
AddFriend E8FA AddFriend
Accept E8FB Accept
GoToStart E8FC GoToStart
BulletedList E8FD BulletedList
Scan E8FE Scan
Preview E8FF Preview
Group E902 Group
ZeroBars E904 ZeroBars
OneBar E905 OneBar
TwoBars E906 TwoBars
ThreeBars E907 ThreeBars
FourBars E908 FourBars
World E909 World
Comment E90A Comment
MusicInfo E90B MusicInfo
DockLeft E90C DockLeft
DockRight E90D DockRight
DockBottom E90E DockBottom
Repair E90F Repair
Accounts E910 Accounts
DullSound E911 DullSound
Manage E912 Manage
Street E913 Street
Printer3D E914 Printer3D
RadioBullet E915 RadioBullet
Stopwatch E916 Stopwatch
Photo E91B Photo
ActionCenter E91C ActionCenter
FullCircleMask E91F FullCircleMask
ChromeMinimize E921 ChromeMinimize
ChromeMaximize E922 ChromeMaximize
ChromeRestore E923 ChromeRestore
Annotation E924 Annotation
BackSpaceQWERTYSm E925 BackSpaceQWERTYSm
BackSpaceQWERTYMd E926 BackSpaceQWERTYMd
Swipe E927 Swipe
Fingerprint E928 Fingerprint
Handwriting E929 Handwriting
ChromeBackToWindow E92C ChromeBackToWindow
ChromeFullScreen E92D ChromeFullScreen
KeyboardStandard E92E KeyboardStandard
KeyboardDismiss E92F KeyboardDismiss
Completed E930 Completed
ChromeAnnotate E931 ChromeAnnotate
Label E932 Label
IBeam E933 IBeam
IBeamOutline E934 IBeamOutline
FlickDown E935 FlickDown
FlickUp E936 FlickUp
FlickLeft E937 FlickLeft
FlickRight E938 FlickRight
FeedbackApp E939 FeedbackApp
MusicAlbum E93C MusicAlbum
Streaming E93E Streaming
Code E943 Code
ReturnToWindow E944 ReturnToWindow
LightningBolt E945 LightningBolt
Info E946 Info
CalculatorMultiply E947 CalculatorMultiply
CalculatorAddition E948 CalculatorAddition
CalculatorSubtract E949 CalculatorSubtract
CalculatorDivide E94A CalculatorDivide
CalculatorSquareroot E94B CalculatorSquareroot
CalculatorPercentage E94C CalculatorPercentage
CalculatorNegate E94D CalculatorNegate
CalculatorEqualTo E94E CalculatorEqualTo
CalculatorBackspace E94F CalculatorBackspace
Component E950 Component
Dock E952 Dock
MultimediaDMS E953 MultimediaDMS
MultimediaDVR E954 MultimediaDVR
MultimediaPMP E955 MultimediaPMP
PrintfaxPrinterFile E956 PrintfaxPrinterFile
Sensor E957 Sensor
StorageOptical E958 StorageOptical
Communications E95A Communications
Headset E95B Headset
Projector E95D Projector
Health E95E Health
Wire E95F Wire
Webcam2 E960 Webcam2
Input E961 Input
Mouse E962 Mouse
Smartcard E963 Smartcard
SmartcardVirtual E964 SmartcardVirtual
MediaStorageTower E965 MediaStorageTower
ReturnKeySm E966 ReturnKeySm
GameConsole E967 GameConsole
Network E968 Network
StorageNetworkWireless E969 StorageNetworkWireless
StorageTape E96A StorageTape
ChevronUpSmall E96D ChevronUpSmall
ChevronDownSmall E96E ChevronDownSmall
ChevronLeftSmall E96F ChevronLeftSmall
ChevronRightSmall E970 ChevronRightSmall
ChevronUpMed E971 ChevronUpMed
ChevronDownMed E972 ChevronDownMed
ChevronLeftMed E973 ChevronLeftMed
ChevronRightMed E974 ChevronRightMed
Devices2 E975 Devices2
ExpandTile E976 ExpandTile
PC1 E977 PC1
PresenceChicklet E978 PresenceChicklet
PresenceChickletVideo E979 PresenceChickletVideo
Reply E97A Reply
SetTile E97B SetTile
Type E97C Type
Korean E97D Korean
HalfAlpha E97E HalfAlpha
FullAlpha E97F FullAlpha
Key12On E980 Key12On
ChineseChangjie E981 ChineseChangjie
ChineseQuick E984 ChineseQuick
Japanese E985 Japanese
FullHiragana E986 FullHiragana
FullKatakana E987 FullKatakana
HalfKatakana E988 HalfKatakana
ChineseBoPoMoFo E989 ChineseBoPoMoFo
ChinesePinyin E98A ChinesePinyin
ConstructionCone E98F ConstructionCone
XboxOneConsole E990 XboxOneConsole
Volume0 E992 Volume0
Volume1 E993 Volume1
Volume2 E994 Volume2
Volume3 E995 Volume3
BatteryUnknown E996 BatteryUnknown
WifiAttentionOverlay E998 WifiAttentionOverlay
Robot E99A Robot
TapAndSend E9A1 TapAndSend
FitPage E9A6 FitPage
PasswordKeyShow E9A8 PasswordKeyShow
PasswordKeyHide E9A9 PasswordKeyHide
BidiLtr E9AA BidiLtr
BidiRtl E9AB BidiRtl
ForwardSm E9AC ForwardSm
CommaKey E9AD CommaKey
DashKey E9AE DashKey
DullSoundKey E9AF DullSoundKey
HalfDullSound E9B0 HalfDullSound
RightDoubleQuote E9B1 RightDoubleQuote
LeftDoubleQuote E9B2 LeftDoubleQuote
PuncKeyRightBottom E9B3 PuncKeyRightBottom
PuncKey1 E9B4 PuncKey1
PuncKey2 E9B5 PuncKey2
PuncKey3 E9B6 PuncKey3
PuncKey4 E9B7 PuncKey4
PuncKey5 E9B8 PuncKey5
PuncKey6 E9B9 PuncKey6
PuncKey9 E9BA PuncKey9
PuncKey7 E9BB PuncKey7
PuncKey8 E9BC PuncKey8
Frigid E9CA Frigid
Unknown E9CE Unknown
AreaChart E9D2 AreaChart
CheckList E9D5 CheckList
Diagnostic E9D9 Diagnostic
Equalizer E9E9 Equalizer
Process E9F3 Process
Processing E9F5 Processing
ReportDocument E9F9 ReportDocument


The following table of glyphs displays unicode points prefixed from EA- to EC-.

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Glyph Unicode point Description
VideoSolid EA0C VideoSolid
MixedMediaBadge EA0D MixedMediaBadge
DisconnectDisplay EA14 DisconnectDisplay
Shield EA18 Shield
Info2 EA1F Info2
ActionCenterAsterisk EA21 ActionCenterAsterisk
Beta EA24 Beta
SaveCopy EA35 SaveCopy
List EA37 List
Asterisk EA38 Asterisk
ErrorBadge EA39 ErrorBadge
CircleRing EA3A CircleRing
CircleFill EA3B CircleFill
MergeCall EA3C MergeCall
PrivateCall EA3D PrivateCall
Record2 EA3F Record2
AllAppsMirrored EA40 AllAppsMirrored
BookmarksMirrored EA41 BookmarksMirrored
BulletedListMirrored EA42 BulletedListMirrored
CallForwardInternationalMirrored EA43 CallForwardInternationalMirrored
CallForwardRoamingMirrored EA44 CallForwardRoamingMirrored
ChromeBackMirrored EA47 ChromeBackMirrored
ClearSelectionMirrored EA48 ClearSelectionMirrored
ClosePaneMirrored EA49 ClosePaneMirrored
ContactInfoMirrored EA4A ContactInfoMirrored
DockRightMirrored EA4B DockRightMirrored
DockLeftMirrored EA4C DockLeftMirrored
ExpandTileMirrored EA4E ExpandTileMirrored
GoMirrored EA4F GoMirrored
GripperResizeMirrored EA50 GripperResizeMirrored
HelpMirrored EA51 HelpMirrored
ImportMirrored EA52 ImportMirrored
ImportAllMirrored EA53 ImportAllMirrored
LeaveChatMirrored EA54 LeaveChatMirrored
ListMirrored EA55 ListMirrored
MailForwardMirrored EA56 MailForwardMirrored
MailReplyMirrored EA57 MailReplyMirrored
MailReplyAllMirrored EA58 MailReplyAllMirrored
OpenPaneMirrored EA5B OpenPaneMirrored
OpenWithMirrored EA5C OpenWithMirrored
ParkingLocationMirrored EA5E ParkingLocationMirrored
ResizeMouseMediumMirrored EA5F ResizeMouseMediumMirrored
ResizeMouseSmallMirrored EA60 ResizeMouseSmallMirrored
ResizeMouseTallMirrored EA61 ResizeMouseTallMirrored
ResizeTouchNarrowerMirrored EA62 ResizeTouchNarrowerMirrored
SendMirrored EA63 SendMirrored
SendFillMirrored EA64 SendFillMirrored
ShowResultsMirrored EA65 ShowResultsMirrored
Media EA69 Media
SyncError EA6A SyncError
Devices3 EA6C Devices3
SlowMotionOn EA79 SlowMotionOn
Lightbulb EA80 Lightbulb
StatusCircle EA81 StatusCircle
StatusTriangle EA82 StatusTriangle
StatusError EA83 StatusError
StatusWarning EA84 StatusWarning
Puzzle EA86 Puzzle
CalendarSolid EA89 CalendarSolid
HomeSolid EA8A HomeSolid
ParkingLocationSolid EA8B ParkingLocationSolid
ContactSolid EA8C ContactSolid
ConstructionSolid EA8D ConstructionSolid
AccidentSolid EA8E AccidentSolid
Ringer EA8F Ringer
ThoughtBubble EA91 ThoughtBubble
HeartBroken EA92 HeartBroken
BatteryCharging10 EA93 BatteryCharging10
BatterySaver9 EA94 BatterySaver9
BatterySaver10 EA95 BatterySaver10
CallForwardingMirrored EA97 CallForwardingMirrored
MultiSelectMirrored EA98 MultiSelectMirrored
Broom EA99 Broom
ForwardCall EAC2 ForwardCall
Trackers EADF Trackers
Market EAFC Market
PieSingle EB05 PieSingle
StockDown EB0F StockDown
StockUp EB11 StockUp
Design EB3C Design
Website EB41 Website
Drop EB42 Drop
Radar EB44 Radar
BusSolid EB47 BusSolid
FerrySolid EB48 FerrySolid
StartPointSolid EB49 StartPointSolid
StopPointSolid EB4A StopPointSolid
EndPointSolid EB4B EndPointSolid
AirplaneSolid EB4C AirplaneSolid
TrainSolid EB4D TrainSolid
WorkSolid EB4E WorkSolid
ReminderFill EB4F ReminderFill
Reminder EB50 Reminder
Heart EB51 Heart
HeartFill EB52 HeartFill
EthernetError EB55 EthernetError
EthernetWarning EB56 EthernetWarning
StatusConnecting1 EB57 StatusConnecting1
StatusConnecting2 EB58 StatusConnecting2
StatusUnsecure EB59 StatusUnsecure
WifiError0 EB5A WifiError0
WifiError1 EB5B WifiError1
WifiError2 EB5C WifiError2
WifiError3 EB5D WifiError3
WifiError4 EB5E WifiError4
WifiWarning0 EB5F WifiWarning0
WifiWarning1 EB60 WifiWarning1
WifiWarning2 EB61 WifiWarning2
WifiWarning3 EB62 WifiWarning3
WifiWarning4 EB63 WifiWarning4
Devices4 EB66 Devices4
NUIIris EB67 NUIIris
NUIFace EB68 NUIFace
EditMirrored EB7E EditMirrored
NUIFPStartSlideHand EB82 NUIFPStartSlideHand
NUIFPStartSlideAction EB83 NUIFPStartSlideAction
NUIFPContinueSlideHand EB84 NUIFPContinueSlideHand
NUIFPContinueSlideAction EB85 NUIFPContinueSlideAction
NUIFPRollRightHand EB86 NUIFPRollRightHand
NUIFPRollRightHandAction EB87 NUIFPRollRightHandAction
NUIFPRollLeftHand EB88 NUIFPRollLeftHand
NUIFPRollLeftAction EB89 NUIFPRollLeftAction
NUIFPPressHand EB8A NUIFPPressHand
NUIFPPressAction EB8B NUIFPPressAction
NUIFPPressRepeatHand EB8C NUIFPPressRepeatHand
NUIFPPressRepeatAction EB8D NUIFPPressRepeatAction
StatusErrorFull EB90 StatusErrorFull
TaskViewExpanded EB91 TaskViewExpanded
Certificate EB95 Certificate
BackSpaceQWERTYLg EB96 BackSpaceQWERTYLg
ReturnKeyLg EB97 ReturnKeyLg
FastForward EB9D FastForward
Rewind EB9E Rewind
Photo2 EB9F Photo2
 MobBattery0 EBA0 MobBattery0
 MobBattery1 EBA1 MobBattery1
 MobBattery2 EBA2 MobBattery2
 MobBattery3 EBA3 MobBattery3
 MobBattery4 EBA4 MobBattery4
 MobBattery5 EBA5 MobBattery5
 MobBattery6 EBA6 MobBattery6
 MobBattery7 EBA7 MobBattery7
 MobBattery8 EBA8 MobBattery8
 MobBattery9 EBA9 MobBattery9
MobBattery10 EBAA MobBattery10
 MobBatteryCharging0 EBAB MobBatteryCharging0
 MobBatteryCharging1 EBAC MobBatteryCharging1
 MobBatteryCharging2 EBAD MobBatteryCharging2
 MobBatteryCharging3 EBAE MobBatteryCharging3
 MobBatteryCharging4 EBAF MobBatteryCharging4
 MobBatteryCharging5 EBB0 MobBatteryCharging5
 MobBatteryCharging6 EBB1 MobBatteryCharging6
 MobBatteryCharging7 EBB2 MobBatteryCharging7
 MobBatteryCharging8 EBB3 MobBatteryCharging8
 MobBatteryCharging9 EBB4 MobBatteryCharging9
 MobBatteryCharging10 EBB5 MobBatteryCharging10
 MobBatterySaver0 EBB6 MobBatterySaver0
 MobBatterySaver1 EBB7 MobBatterySaver1
 MobBatterySaver2 EBB8 MobBatterySaver2
 MobBatterySaver3 EBB9 MobBatterySaver3
 MobBatterySaver4 EBBA MobBatterySaver4
 MobBatterySaver5 EBBB MobBatterySaver5
 MobBatterySaver6 EBBC MobBatterySaver6
 MobBatterySaver7 EBBD MobBatterySaver7
 MobBatterySaver8 EBBE MobBatterySaver8
 MobBatterySaver9 EBBF MobBatterySaver9
 MobBatterySaver10 EBC0 MobBatterySaver10
DictionaryCloud EBC3 DictionaryCloud
ResetDrive EBC4 ResetDrive
VolumeBars EBC5 VolumeBars
Project EBC6 Project
AdjustHologram EBD2 AdjustHologram
EBD4 WifiCallBars EBD4 WifiCallBars
EBD5 WifiCall0 EBD5 WifiCall0
EBD6 WifiCall1 EBD6 WifiCall1
EBD7 WifiCall2 EBD7 WifiCall2
EBD8 WifiCall3 EBD8 WifiCall3
EBD9 WifiCall4 EBD9 WifiCall4
Family EBDA Family
LockFeedback EBDB LockFeedback
DeviceDiscovery EBDE DeviceDiscovery
WindDirection EBE6 WindDirection
RightArrowKeyTime0 EBE7 RightArrowKeyTime0
Bug EBE8 Bug
TabletMode EBFC TabletMode
StatusCircleLeft EBFD StatusCircleLeft
StatusTriangleLeft EBFE StatusTriangleLeft
StatusErrorLeft EBFF StatusErrorLeft
StatusWarningLeft EC00 StatusWarningLeft
MobBatteryUnknown EC02 MobBatteryUnknown
NetworkTower EC05 NetworkTower
CityNext EC06 CityNext
CityNext2 EC07 CityNext2
Courthouse EC08 Courthouse
Groceries EC09 Groceries
Sustainable EC0A Sustainable
BuildingEnergy EC0B BuildingEnergy
ToggleFilled EC11 ToggleFilled
ToggleBorder EC12 ToggleBorder
SliderThumb EC13 SliderThumb
ToggleThumb EC14 ToggleThumb
MiracastLogoSmall EC15 MiracastLogoSmall
MiracastLogoLarge EC16 MiracastLogoLarge
Badge EC1B Badge
SignalRoaming EC1E SignalRoaming
MobileLocked EC20 MobileLocked
InsiderHubApp EC24 InsiderHubApp
PersonalFolder EC25 PersonalFolder
HomeGroup EC26 HomeGroup
MyNetwork EC27 MyNetwork
KeyboardFull EC31 KeyboardFull
Cafe EC32 Cafe
MobSignal1 EC37 MobSignal1
MobSignal2 EC38 MobSignal2
MobSignal3 EC39 MobSignal3
MobSignal4 EC3A MobSignal4
MobSignal5 EC3B MobSignal5
MobWifi1 EC3C MobWifi1
MobWifi2 EC3D MobWifi2
MobWifi3 EC3E MobWifi3
MobWifi4 EC3F MobWifi4
MobAirplane EC40 MobAirplane
MobBluetooth EC41 MobBluetooth
MobActionCenter EC42 MobActionCenter
MobLocation EC43 MobLocation
MobWifiHotspot EC44 MobWifiHotspot
LanguageJpn EC45 LanguageJpn
MobQuietHours EC46 MobQuietHours
MobDrivingMode EC47 MobDrivingMode
SpeedOff EC48 SpeedOff
SpeedMedium EC49 SpeedMedium
SpeedHigh EC4A SpeedHigh
ThisPC EC4E ThisPC
MusicNote EC4F MusicNote
FileExplorer EC50 FileExplorer
FileExplorerApp EC51 FileExplorerApp
LeftArrowKeyTime0 EC52 LeftArrowKeyTime0
MicOff EC54 MicOff
MicSleep EC55 MicSleep
MicError EC56 MicError
PlaybackRate1x EC57 PlaybackRate1x
PlaybackRateOther EC58 PlaybackRateOther
CashDrawer EC59 CashDrawer
BarcodeScanner EC5A BarcodeScanner
ReceiptPrinter EC5B ReceiptPrinter
MagStripeReader EC5C MagStripeReader
CompletedSolid EC61 CompletedSolid
CompanionApp EC64 CompanionApp
Favicon2 EC6C Favicon2
SwipeRevealArt EC6D SwipeRevealArt
MicOn EC71 MicOn
MicClipping EC72 MicClipping
TabletSelected EC74 TabletSelected
MobileSelected EC75 MobileSelected
LaptopSelected EC76 LaptopSelected
TVMonitorSelected EC77 TVMonitorSelected
DeveloperTools EC7A DeveloperTools
MobCallForwarding EC7E MobCallForwarding
MobCallForwardingMirrored EC7F MobCallForwardingMirrored
BodyCam EC80 BodyCam
PoliceCar EC81 PoliceCar
Draw EC87 Draw
DrawSolid EC88 DrawSolid
LowerBrightness EC8A LowerBrightness
ScrollUpDown EC8F ScrollUpDown
DateTime EC92 DateTime
Tiles ECA5 Tiles
PartyLeader ECA7 PartyLeader
AppIconDefault ECAA AppIconDefault
Calories ECAD Calories
BandBattery0 ECB9 BandBattery0
BandBattery1 ECBA BandBattery1
BandBattery2 ECBB BandBattery2
BandBattery3 ECBC BandBattery3
BandBattery4 ECBD BandBattery4
BandBattery5 ECBE BandBattery5
BandBattery6 ECBF BandBattery6
AddSurfaceHub ECC4 AddSurfaceHub
DevUpdate ECC5 DevUpdate
Unit ECC6 Unit
AddTo ECC8 AddTo
RemoveFrom ECC9 RemoveFrom
RadioBtnOff ECCA RadioBtnOff
RadioBtnOn ECCB RadioBtnOn
RadioBullet2 ECCC RadioBullet2
ExploreContent ECCD ExploreContent
Blocked2 ECE4 Blocked2
ScrollMode ECE7 ScrollMode
ZoomMode ECE8 ZoomMode
PanMode ECE9 PanMode
WiredUSB  ECF0 WiredUSB
WirelessUSB ECF1 WirelessUSB
USBSafeConnect ECF3 USBSafeConnect


The following table of glyphs displays unicode points prefixed from ED- to EF-.

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Glyph Unicode point Description
ActionCenterNotificationMirrored ED0C ActionCenterNotificationMirrored
ActionCenterMirrored ED0D ActionCenterMirrored
SubscriptionAdd ED0E SubscriptionAdd
ResetDevice ED10 ResetDevice
SubscriptionAddMirrored ED11 SubscriptionAddMirrored
QRCode ED14 QRCode
Feedback ED15 Feedback
Subtitles ED1E Subtitles
SubtitlesAudio ED1F SubtitlesAudio
OpenFolderHorizontal ED25 OpenFolderHorizontal
CalendarMirrored ED28 CalendarMirrored
MobeSIMNoProfile ED2B MobeSIMNoProfile
MobeSIMLocked ED2C MobeSIMLocked
MobeSIMBusy ED2D MobeSIMBusy
SignalError ED2E SignalError
StreamingEnterprise ED2F StreamingEnterprise
Headphone0 ED30 Headphone0
Headphone1 ED31 Headphone1
Headphone2 ED32 Headphone2
Headphone3 ED33 Headphone3
Apps ED35 Apps
KeyboardBrightness ED39 KeyboardBrightness
KeyboardLowerBrightness ED3A KeyboardLowerBrightness
SkipBack10 ED3C SkipBack10
SkipForward30 ED3D SkipForward30
TreeFolderFolder ED41 TreeFolderFolder
TreeFolderFolderFill ED42 TreeFolderFolderFill
TreeFolderFolderOpen ED43 TreeFolderFolderOpen
TreeFolderFolderOpenFill ED44 TreeFolderFolderOpenFill
MultimediaDMP ED47 MultimediaDMP
KeyboardOneHanded ED4C KeyboardOneHanded
Narrator ED4D Narrator
EmojiTabPeople ED53 EmojiTabPeople
EmojiTabSmilesAnimals ED54 EmojiTabSmilesAnimals
EmojiTabCelebrationObjects ED55 EmojiTabCelebrationObjects
EmojiTabFoodPlants ED56 EmojiTabFoodPlants
EmojiTabTransitPlaces ED57 EmojiTabTransitPlaces
EmojiTabSymbols ED58 EmojiTabSymbols
EmojiTabTextSmiles ED59 EmojiTabTextSmiles
EmojiTabFavorites ED5A EmojiTabFavorites
EmojiSwatch ED5B EmojiSwatch
ConnectApp ED5C ConnectApp
CompanionDeviceFramework ED5D CompanionDeviceFramework
Ruler ED5E Ruler
FingerInking ED5F FingerInking
StrokeErase ED60 StrokeErase
PointErase ED61 PointErase
ClearAllInk ED62 ClearAllInk
Pencil ED63 Pencil
Marker ED64 Marker
InkingCaret ED65 InkingCaret
InkingColorOutline ED66 InkingColorOutline
InkingColorFill ED67 InkingColorFill
HardDrive EDA2 HardDrive
NetworkAdapter EDA3 NetworkAdapter
Touchscreen EDA4 Touchscreen
NetworkPrinter EDA5 NetworkPrinter
CloudPrinter EDA6 CloudPrinter
KeyboardShortcut EDA7 KeyboardShortcut
BrushSize EDA8 BrushSize
NarratorForward EDA9 NarratorForward
NarratorForwardMirrored EDAA NarratorForwardMirrored
SyncBadge12 EDAB SyncBadge12
RingerBadge12 EDAC RingerBadge12
AsteriskBadge12 EDAD AsteriskBadge12
ErrorBadge12 EDAE ErrorBadge12
CircleRingBadge12 EDAF CircleRingBadge12
CircleFillBadge12 EDB0 CircleFillBadge12
ImportantBadge12 EDB1 ImportantBadge12
MailBadge12 EDB3 MailBadge12
PauseBadge12 EDB4 PauseBadge12
PlayBadge12 EDB5 PlayBadge12
PenWorkspace EDC6 PenWorkspace
CaretRight8 EDD6 CaretRight8
CaretLeftSolid8 EDD9 CaretLeftSolid8
CaretRightSolid8 EDDA CaretRightSolid8
CaretUpSolid8 EDDB CaretUpSolid8
CaretDownSolid8 EDDC CaretDownSolid8
Strikethrough EDE0 Strikethrough
Export EDE1 Export
ExportMirrored EDE2 ExportMirrored
ButtonMenu EDE3 ButtonMenu
CloudSearch EDE4 CloudSearch
PinyinIMELogo EDE5 PinyinIMELogo
CalligraphyPen EDFB CalligraphyPen
ReplyMirrored EE35 ReplyMirrored
LockscreenDesktop EE3F LockscreenDesktop
TaskViewSettings EE40 TaskViewSettings
MiniExpand2Mirrored EE47 MiniExpand2Mirrored
MiniContract2Mirrored EE49 MiniContract2Mirrored
Play36 EE4A Play36
PenPalette EE56 PenPalette
GuestUser EE57 GuestUser
SettingsBattery EE63 SettingsBattery
TaskbarPhone EE64 TaskbarPhone
LockScreenGlance EE65 LockScreenGlance
GenericScan EE6F GenericScan
ImageExport EE71 ImageExport
WifiEthernet EE77 WifiEthernet
ActionCenterQuiet EE79 ActionCenterQuiet
ActionCenterQuietNotification EE7A ActionCenterQuietNotification
TrackersMirrored EE92 TrackersMirrored
DateTimeMirrored EE93 DateTimeMirrored
Wheel EE94 Wheel
VirtualMachineGroup EEA3 VirtualMachineGroup
ButtonView2 EECA ButtonView2
PenWorkspaceMirrored EF15 PenWorkspaceMirrored
PenPaletteMirrored EF16 PenPaletteMirrored
StrokeEraseMirrored EF17 StrokeEraseMirrored
PointEraseMirrored EF18 PointEraseMirrored
ClearAllInkMirrored EF19 ClearAllInkMirrored
BackgroundToggle EF1F BackgroundToggle
Marquee EF20 Marquee
ChromeCloseContrast EF2C ChromeCloseContrast
ChromeMinimizeContrast EF2D ChromeMinimizeContrast
ChromeMaximizeContrast EF2E ChromeMaximizeContrast
ChromeRestoreContrast EF2F ChromeRestoreContrast
TrafficLight EF31 TrafficLight
Replay EF3B Replay
Eyedropper EF3C Eyedropper
LineDisplay EF3D LineDisplay
SignatureCapture EF3F SignatureCapture
ChipCardCreditCardReader EF40 ChipCardCreditCardReader
PlayerSettings EF58 PlayerSettings
LandscapeOrientation EF6B LandscapeOrientation
Flow EF90 Flow
Touchpad EFA5 Touchpad
Speech EFA9 Speech

PUA F000-F200

The following table of glyphs displays unicode points prefixed from F0- to F2-.

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Glyph Unicode point Description
KnowledgeArticle F000 KnowledgeArticle
Relationship F003 Relationship
DefaultAPN F080 DefaultAPN
UserAPN F081 UserAPN
DoublePinyin F085 DoublePinyin
BlueLight F08C BlueLight
ButtonA F093 ButtonA
ButtonB F094 ButtonB
ButtonY F095 ButtonY
ButtonX F096 ButtonX
ArrowUp8 F0AD ArrowUp8
ArrowDown8 F0AE ArrowDown8
ArrowRight8 F0AF ArrowRight8
ArrowLeft8 F0B0 ArrowLeft8
QuarentinedItems F0B2 QuarentinedItems
QuarentinedItemsMirrored F0B3 QuarentinedItemsMirrored
Protractor F0B4 Protractor
ChecklistMirrored F0B5 ChecklistMirrored
StatusCircle7 F0B6 StatusCircle7
StatusCheckmark7 F0B7 StatusCheckmark7
StatusErrorCircle7 F0B8 StatusErrorCircle7
Connected F0B9 Connected
PencilFill F0C6 PencilFill
CalligraphyFill F0C7 CalligraphyFill
QuarterStarLeft F0CA QuarterStarLeft
QuarterStarRight F0CB QuarterStarRight
ThreeQuarterStarLeft F0CC ThreeQuarterStarLeft
ThreeQuarterStarRight F0CD ThreeQuarterStarRight
QuietHoursBadge12 F0CE QuietHoursBadge12
BackMirrored F0D2 BackMirrored
ForwardMirrored F0D3 ForwardMirrored
ChromeBackContrast F0D5 ChromeBackContrast
ChromeBackContrastMirrored F0D6 ChromeBackContrastMirrored
ChromeBackToWindowContrast F0D7 ChromeBackToWindowContrast
ChromeFullScreenContrast F0D8 ChromeFullScreenContrast
GridView F0E2 GridView
ClipboardList F0E3 ClipboardList
ClipboardListMirrored F0E4 ClipboardListMirrored
OutlineQuarterStarLeft F0E5 OutlineQuarterStarLeft
OutlineQuarterStarRight F0E6 OutlineQuarterStarRight
OutlineHalfStarLeft F0E7 OutlineHalfStarLeft
OutlineHalfStarRight F0E8 OutlineHalfStarRight
OutlineThreeQuarterStarLeft F0E9 OutlineThreeQuarterStarLeft
OutlineThreeQuarterStarRight F0EA OutlineThreeQuarterStarRight
SpatialVolume0 F0EB SpatialVolume0
SpatialVolume1 F0EC SpatialVolume1
SpatialVolume2 F0ED SpatialVolume2
SpatialVolume3 F0EE SpatialVolume3
ApplicationGuard F0EF ApplicationGuard
OutlineStarLeftHalf F0F7 OutlineStarLeftHalf
OutlineStarRightHalf F0F8 OutlineStarRightHalf
ChromeAnnotateContrast F0F9 ChromeAnnotateContrast
DefenderBadge12 F0FB DefenderBadge12
DetachablePC F103 DetachablePC
LeftStick F108 LeftStick
RightStick F109 RightStick
TriggerLeft F10A TriggerLeft
TriggerRight F10B TriggerRight
BumperLeft F10C BumperLeft
BumperRight F10D BumperRight
Dpad F10E Dpad
EnglishPunctuation F110 EnglishPunctuation
ChinesePunctuation F111 ChinesePunctuation
CtrlSpatialRight F11B CtrlSpatialRight
PaginationDotOutline10 F126 PaginationDotOutline10
PaginationDotSolid10 F127 PaginationDotSolid10
StrokeErase2 F128 StrokeErase2
SmallErase F129 SmallErase
LargeErase F12A LargeErase
FolderHorizontal F12B FolderHorizontal
MicrophoneListening F12E MicrophoneListening
StatusExclamationCircle7 F12F StatusExclamationCircle7
Video360 F131 Video360
GiftboxOpen F133 GiftboxOpen
StatusCircleOuter F136 StatusCircleOuter
StatusCircleInner F137 StatusCircleInner
StatusCircleRing F138 StatusCircleRing
StatusTriangleOuter F139 StatusTriangleOuter
StatusTriangleInner F13A StatusTriangleInner
StatusTriangleExclamation F13B StatusTriangleExclamation
StatusCircleExclamation F13C StatusCircleExclamation
StatusCircleErrorX F13D StatusCircleErrorX
StatusCircleCheckmark F13E StatusCircleCheckmark
StatusCircleInfo F13F StatusCircleInfo
StatusCircleBlock F140 StatusCircleBlock
StatusCircleBlock2 F141 StatusCircleBlock2
StatusCircleQuestionMark F142 StatusCircleQuestionMark
StatusCircleSync F143 StatusCircleSync
Dial1 F146 Dial1
Dial2 F147 Dial2
Dial3 F148 Dial3
Dial4 F149 Dial4
Dial5 F14A Dial5
Dial6 F14B Dial6
Dial7 F14C Dial7
Dial8 F14D Dial8
Dial9 F14E Dial9
Dial10 F14F Dial10
Dial11 F150 Dial11
Dial12 F151 Dial12
Dial13 F152 Dial13
Dial14 F153 Dial14
Dial15 F154 Dial15
Dial16 F155 Dial16
DialShape1 F156 DialShape1
DialShape2 F157 DialShape2
DialShape3 F158 DialShape3
DialShape4 F159 DialShape4
TollSolid F161 TollSolid
TrafficCongestionSolid F163 TrafficCongestionSolid
ExploreContentSingle F164 ExploreContentSingle
CollapseContent F165 CollapseContent
CollapseContentSingle F166 CollapseContentSingle
InfoSolid F167 InfoSolid
GroupList F168 GroupList
CaretBottomRightSolidCenter8 F169 CaretBottomRightSolidCenter8
ProgressRingDots F16A ProgressRingDots
Checkbox14 F16B Checkbox14
CheckboxComposite14 F16C CheckboxComposite14
CheckboxIndeterminateCombo14 F16D CheckboxIndeterminateCombo14
CheckboxIndeterminateCombo F16E CheckboxIndeterminateCombo
StatusPause7 F175 StatusPause7
CharacterAppearance F17F CharacterAppearance
Lexicon F180 Lexicon
ScreenTime F182 ScreenTime
HeadlessDevice F191 HeadlessDevice
NetworkSharing F193 NetworkSharing
EyeGaze F19D EyeGaze
ToggleLeft F19E ToggleLeft
ToggleRight F19F ToggleRight
WindowsInsider F1AD WindowsInsider
ChromeSwitch F1CB ChromeSwitch
ChromeSwitchContast F1CC ChromeSwitchContast
StatusCheckmark F1D8 StatusCheckmark
StatusCheckmarkLeft F1D9 StatusCheckmarkLeft
KeyboardLeftAligned F20C KeyboardLeftAligned
KeyboardRightAligned F20D KeyboardRightAligned
KeyboardSettings F210 KeyboardSettings
NetworkPhysical F211 NetworkPhysical
UnknownMirrored F22E UnknownMirrored
ViewDashboard F246 ViewDashboard
ExploitProtectionSettings F259 ExploitProtectionSettings
KeyboardNarrow F260 KeyboardNarrow
Keyboard12Key F261 Keyboard12Key
KeyboardDock F26B KeyboardDock
KeyboardUndock F26C KeyboardUndock
KeyboardLeftDock F26D KeyboardLeftDock
KeyboardRightDock F26E KeyboardRightDock
Ear F270 Ear
PointerHand F271 PointerHand
Bullseye F272 Bullseye
LocaleLanguage F2B7 LocaleLanguage

PUA F300-F500

The following table of glyphs displays unicode points prefixed from F3- to F5-.

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Glyph Unicode point Description
PassiveAuthentication F32A PassiveAuthentication
ColorSolid F354 ColorSolid
NetworkOffline F384 NetworkOffline
NetworkConnected F385 NetworkConnected
NetworkConnectedCheckmark F386 NetworkConnectedCheckmark
SignOut F3B1 SignOut
StatusInfo F3CC StatusInfo
StatusInfoLeft F3CD StatusInfoLeft
NearbySharing F3E2 NearbySharing
CtrlSpatialLeft F3E7 CtrlSpatialLeft
InteractiveDashboard F404 InteractiveDashboard
ClippingTool F406 ClippingTool
RectangularClipping F407 RectangularClipping
FreeFormClipping F408 FreeFormClipping
CopyTo F413 CopyTo
DynamicLock F439 DynamicLock
PenTips F45E PenTips
PenTipsMirrored F45F PenTipsMirrored
HWPJoin F460 HWPJoin
HWPInsert F461 HWPInsert
HWPStrikeThrough F462 HWPStrikeThrough
HWPScratchOut F463 HWPScratchOut
HWPSplit F464 HWPSplit
HWPNewLine F465 HWPNewLine
HWPOverwrite F466 HWPOverwrite
MobWifiWarning1 F473 MobWifiWarning1
MobWifiWarning2 F474 MobWifiWarning2
MobWifiWarning3 F475 MobWifiWarning3
MobWifiWarning4 F476 MobWifiWarning4
Globe2 F49A Globe2
SpecialEffectSize F4A5 SpecialEffectSize
Sticker2 F4AA Sticker2
SurfaceHubSelected F4BE SurfaceHubSelected
HoloLensSelected F4BF HoloLensSelected
Earbud F4C0 Earbud
MixVolumes F4C3 MixVolumes
Safe F540 Safe
LaptopSecure F552 LaptopSecure
PrintDefault F56D PrintDefault
PageMirrored F56E PageMirrored
LandscapeOrientationMirrored F56F LandscapeOrientationMirrored
ColorOff F570 ColorOff
PrintAllPages F571 PrintAllPages
PrintCustomRange F572 PrintCustomRange
PageMarginPortraitNarrow F573 PageMarginPortraitNarrow
PageMarginPortraitNormal F574 PageMarginPortraitNormal
PageMarginPortraitModerate F575 PageMarginPortraitModerate
PageMarginPortraitWide F576 PageMarginPortraitWide
PageMarginLandscapeNarrow F577 PageMarginLandscapeNarrow
PageMarginLandscapeNormal F578 PageMarginLandscapeNormal
PageMarginLandscapeModerate F579 PageMarginLandscapeModerate
PageMarginLandscapeWide F57A PageMarginLandscapeWide
CollateLandscape F57B CollateLandscape
CollatePortrait F57C CollatePortrait
CollatePortraitSeparated F57D CollatePortraitSeparated
DuplexLandscapeOneSided F57E DuplexLandscapeOneSided
DuplexLandscapeOneSidedMirrored F57F DuplexLandscapeOneSidedMirrored
DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedLongEdge F580 DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedLongEdge
DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedLongEdgeMirrored F581 DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedLongEdgeMirrored
DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedShortEdge F582 DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedShortEdge
DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedShortEdgeMirrored F583 DuplexLandscapeTwoSidedShortEdgeMirrored
DuplexPortraitOneSided F584 DuplexPortraitOneSided
DuplexPortraitOneSidedMirrored F585 DuplexPortraitOneSidedMirrored
DuplexPortraitTwoSidedLongEdge F586 DuplexPortraitTwoSidedLongEdge
DuplexPortraitTwoSidedLongEdgeMirrored F587 DuplexPortraitTwoSidedLongEdgeMirrored
DuplexPortraitTwoSidedShortEdge F588 DuplexPortraitTwoSidedShortEdge
DuplexPortraitTwoSidedShortEdgeMirrored F589 DuplexPortraitTwoSidedShortEdgeMirrored
PPSOneLandscape F58A PPSOneLandscape
PPSTwoLandscape F58B PPSTwoLandscape
PPSTwoPortrait F58C PPSTwoPortrait
PPSFourLandscape F58D PPSFourLandscape
PPSFourPortrait F58E PPSFourPortrait
HolePunchOff F58F HolePunchOff
HolePunchPortraitLeft F590 HolePunchPortraitLeft
HolePunchPortraitRight F591 HolePunchPortraitRight
HolePunchPortraitTop F592 HolePunchPortraitTop
HolePunchPortraitBottom F593 HolePunchPortraitBottom
HolePunchLandscapeLeft F594 HolePunchLandscapeLeft
HolePunchLandscapeRight F595 HolePunchLandscapeRight
HolePunchLandscapeTop F596 HolePunchLandscapeTop
HolePunchLandscapeBottom F597 HolePunchLandscapeBottom
StaplingOff F598 StaplingOff
StaplingPortraitTopLeft F599 StaplingPortraitTopLeft
StaplingPortraitTopRight F59A StaplingPortraitTopRight
StaplingPortraitBottomRight F59B StaplingPortraitBottomRight
StaplingPortraitTwoLeft F59C StaplingPortraitTwoLeft
StaplingPortraitTwoRight F59D StaplingPortraitTwoRight
StaplingPortraitTwoTop F59E StaplingPortraitTwoTop
StaplingPortraitTwoBottom F59F StaplingPortraitTwoBottom
StaplingPortraitBookBinding F5A0 StaplingPortraitBookBinding
StaplingLandscapeTopLeft F5A1 StaplingLandscapeTopLeft
StaplingLandscapeTopRight F5A2 StaplingLandscapeTopRight
StaplingLandscapeBottomLeft F5A3 StaplingLandscapeBottomLeft
StaplingLandscapeBottomRight F5A4 StaplingLandscapeBottomRight
StaplingLandscapeTwoLeft F5A5 StaplingLandscapeTwoLeft
StaplingLandscapeTwoRight F5A6 StaplingLandscapeTwoRight
StaplingLandscapeTwoTop F5A7 StaplingLandscapeTwoTop
StaplingLandscapeTwoBottom F5A8 StaplingLandscapeTwoBottom
StaplingLandscapeBookBinding F5A9 StaplingLandscapeBookBinding
StatusDataTransferRoaming F5AA StatusDataTransferRoaming
MobSIMError F5AB MobSIMError
CollateLandscapeSeparated F5AC CollateLandscapeSeparated
PPSOnePortrait F5AD PPSOnePortrait
StaplingPortraitBottomLeft F5AE StaplingPortraitBottomLeft
PlaySolid F5B0 PlaySolid
RepeatOff F5E7 RepeatOff
Set F5ED Set
SetSolid F5EE SetSolid
FuzzyReading F5EF FuzzyReading
VerticalBattery0 F5F2 VerticalBattery0
VerticalBattery1 F5F3 VerticalBattery1
VerticalBattery2 F5F4 VerticalBattery2
VerticalBattery3 F5F5 VerticalBattery3
VerticalBattery4 F5F6 VerticalBattery4
VerticalBattery5 F5F7 VerticalBattery5
VerticalBattery6 F5F8 VerticalBattery6
VerticalBattery7 F5F9 VerticalBattery7
VerticalBattery8 F5FA VerticalBattery8
VerticalBattery9 F5FB VerticalBattery9
VerticalBattery10 F5FC VerticalBattery10
VerticalBatteryCharging0 F5FD VerticalBatteryCharging0
VerticalBatteryCharging1 F5FE VerticalBatteryCharging1
VerticalBatteryCharging2 F5FF VerticalBatteryCharging2

PUA F600-F800

The following table of glyphs displays unicode points prefixed from F6- to F8-.

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Glyph Unicode point Description
VerticalBatteryCharging3 F600 VerticalBatteryCharging3
VerticalBatteryCharging4 F601 VerticalBatteryCharging4
VerticalBatteryCharging5 F602 VerticalBatteryCharging5
VerticalBatteryCharging6 F603 VerticalBatteryCharging6
VerticalBatteryCharging7 F604 VerticalBatteryCharging7
VerticalBatteryCharging8 F605 VerticalBatteryCharging8
VerticalBatteryCharging9 F606 VerticalBatteryCharging9
VerticalBatteryCharging10 F607 VerticalBatteryCharging10
VerticalBatteryUnknown F608 VerticalBatteryUnknown
DoublePortrait F614 DoublePortrait
DoubleLandscape F615 DoubleLandscape
SinglePortrait F616 SinglePortrait
SingleLandscape F617 SingleLandscape
SIMError F618 SIMError
SIMMissing F619 SIMMissing
SIMLock F61A SIMLock
eSIMNoProfile F61C eSIMNoProfile
eSIMLocked F61D eSIMLocked
eSIMBusy F61E eSIMBusy
NoiseCancelation F61F NoiseCancelation
NoiseCancelationOff F620 NoiseCancelationOff
MusicSharing F623 MusicSharing
MusicSharingOff F624 MusicSharingOff
CircleShapeSolid F63C CircleShapeSolid
F657 WifiCallBars F657 WifiCallBars
F658 WifiCall0 F658 WifiCall0
F659 WifiCall1 F659 WifiCall1
F65A WifiCall2 F65A WifiCall2
F65B WifiCall3 F65B WifiCall3
F65C WifiCall4 F65C WifiCall4
CHTLanguageBar F69E CHTLanguageBar
ComposeMode F6A9 ComposeMode
ExpressiveInputEntry F6B8 ExpressiveInputEntry
EmojiTabMoreSymbols F6BA EmojiTabMoreSymbols
WebSearch F6FA WebSearch
Kiosk F712 Kiosk
RTTLogo F714 RTTLogo
VoiceCall F715 VoiceCall
GoToMessage F716 GoToMessage
ReturnToCall F71A ReturnToCall
StartPresenting F71C StartPresenting
StopPresenting F71D StopPresenting
ProductivityMode F71E ProductivityMode
SetHistoryStatus F738 SetHistoryStatus
SetHistoryStatus2 F739 SetHistoryStatus2
Keyboardsettings20 F73D Keyboardsettings20
OneHandedRight20 F73E OneHandedRight20
OneHandedLeft20 F73F OneHandedLeft20
Split20 F740 Split20
Full20 F741 Full20
Handwriting20 F742 Handwriting20
CheveronLeft20 F743 CheveronLeft20
CheveronLeft32 F744 CheveronLeft32
CheveronRight20 F745 CheveronRight20
CheveronRight32 F746 CheveronRight32
MicOff2 F781 MicOff2
DeliveryOptimization F785 DeliveryOptimization
CancelMedium F78A CancelMedium
SearchMedium F78B SearchMedium
AcceptMedium F78C AcceptMedium
RevealPasswordMedium F78D RevealPasswordMedium
DeleteWord F7AD DeleteWord
DeleteWordFill F7AE DeleteWordFill
DeleteLines F7AF DeleteLines
DeleteLinesFill F7B0 DeleteLinesFill
InstertWords F7B1 InstertWords
InstertWordsFill F7B2 InstertWordsFill
JoinWords F7B3 JoinWords
JoinWordsFill F7B4 JoinWordsFill
OverwriteWords F7B5 OverwriteWords
OverwriteWordsFill F7B6 OverwriteWordsFill
AddNewLine F7B7 AddNewLine
AddNewLineFill F7B8 AddNewLineFill
OverwriteWordsKorean F7B9 OverwriteWordsKorean
OverwriteWordsFillKorean F7BA OverwriteWordsFillKorean
EducationIcon F7BB EducationIcon
WindowSnipping F7ED WindowSnipping
VideoCapture F7EE VideoCapture
StatusSecured F809 StatusSecured
NarratorApp F83B NarratorApp
PowerButtonUpdate F83D PowerButtonUpdate
RestartUpdate F83E RestartUpdate
UpdateStatusDot F83F UpdateStatusDot
Eject F847 Eject
Spelling F87B Spelling
SpellingKorean F87C SpellingKorean
SpellingSerbian F87D SpellingSerbian
SpellingChinese F87E SpellingChinese
FolderSelect F89A FolderSelect
SmartScreen F8A5 SmartScreen
ExploitProtection F8A6 ExploitProtection
AddBold F8AA AddBold
SubtractBold F8AB SubtractBold
BackSolidBold F8AC BackSolidBold
ForwardSolidBold F8AD ForwardSolidBold
PauseBold F8AE PauseBold
ClickSolid F8AF ClickSolid
SettingsSolid F8B0 SettingsSolid
MicrophoneSolidBold F8B1 MicrophoneSolidBold
SpeechSolidBold F8B2 SpeechSolidBold
ClickedOutLoudSolidBold F8B3 ClickedOutLoudSolidBold